In beginning, I felt worse at heart as I my heart ached for
the glimpse of Ashwin but gradually I came out of the gloom as Ashwin talked to
me over phone for long hours and his humors added glow to my life & his
loud cackling laughter soothed me from deep inside & now I didn’t miss him
much …after my study hours, I used to wait anxiously for his calls & we
enjoyed each other’s company…without any inhibition & guilt he used to
kiss me over phone & I thoroughly enjoyed his gesture though never
disclosed this in the days of our courtship.
I shared the reason why Ashwin didn’t visit our place with Mom & she was full of
pride for her would be son-in-law & she exclaimed,
“Divya, you are lucky to have such a guy in your life
who thinks for you first unlike many men who first thinks of their self and I
heartily thank God to bless me with such a guy for my daughter & my respect
for him has grown manifold. I pray that he remains the same throughout the life
& you both share a beautiful relation.”
Her facial expressions were remarkable, she seemed more
relaxed and no worries regarding her daughter’s future. Even I felt the same
for Ashwin & I had accepted the fact that he was the Right Person to be my
Love, Hubby, and Friend….& I could rely on him. What else a girl seeks
from her Life partner…a true person whom one can trust & who can protect
her with all his love.
With the passage of time our love bloomed in the showers of
trust and care. My father & Ashwin were able to convince my in-laws for the
alliance & they agreed upon in spite of caste difference & they were
made to understand the fact that his son identity will be the same in his
society & I will accept their traditions & follow the same without any
prejudice. So, finally they approved our relationship & when I came to know
of it through my parents & Ashwin, my joys knew no bounds…..I can’t
express in words…it was a wonderful feeling.
A get together of both the families were fixed up at my
place on Sunday…an invitation was sent by my parents for the get together so
that all of us could meet & know each other well. Again my Mom tried all
her best culinary skills to cook for them & I helped her in laying the
tables and home décor. I made a bouquet of beautiful roses from our garden for
my Love Ashwin & kept in my room, it was a secret plan to surprise my love.
We were going to meet after four months…a long gap though in between we met at
college campus for few minutes & the minutes passed by in gazing each
other. But today with the approval of all, we had time to spend in company of
each other and my heart planned a lot for our meeting….the after effects of
Love…I believe…people says , “ Love is blind, “ now I felt how true it is
I dressed in a sari of my mom’s choice …blue with pink and  mom did my make-up, light make-up and hair do to suit on sari…She embraced me
and her eyes welled up…it was tears of happiness as well as a feeling of
separation…I too felt the same…On one hand, I was getting my love but the
thought of been away from my parents made me emotional….
At 1 pm, Ashwin arrived with his parents & we all sat
together and had great time. It was a first meeting of my mother with his
parents & but soon they mingled…Ashwin’s mother hugged me tight and
showered her blessings & she appeared to be satisfied with his son’s choice
& her eyes reflected her feelings which eased me because it is a matter of
great concern for the girls who ties the knot with the groom and leaves her
family to start a new fresh lease of life so acceptance of the groom’s family
matters a lot.
After lunch, Ashwin father asked us to go in another room
and spend time with each other & it was the longing of our hearts and we
were waiting for the nod. His Father was very practical and understood the
feelings of would be’s   & even my parents gave the nod.
I took him into my room upstairs   and as
soon as we reached inside, I greeted him with the bouquet and he took me in his
arms …I too was longing for the same…I felt at ease & protected in his
strong arms and I closed my eyes & his soft caress kindled my soul…and
there was deep silence between us ….still close proximity satisfied our soul …we
were speechless. ..For the first time in our courtship, he planted a kiss on my
lips which sent tingles all over my body and we parted.
In late evening, my mom asked us to join them for tea &
I myself prepared tea for all & my in-laws appreciated my skills & my
mom-in-law gifted me a gold chain accepting me as her daughter in law.
Both the families were happy with each other & they
planned to get us hitched once my exams were over…so there were two three months
more to wait for the D day & the preparations for the marriage picked up in
both the families. All four were busy in bookings, marketing for their son and
daughter and other arrangements and in fulfilling their dreams that they had
woven for their children  & we too
were busy in dreaming of our lives in the company of each other.


to be continued….. 

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