Friday, August 22, 2014


Touch of Ashwin had sparked rows of emotions within me & had untamed my heart…I was missing him badly but didn’t had the courage to call at night…it was quite late…all had retreated to their rooms…The sky was clear & it was a starry night...I was changing my sides …off & on the whole episode was revolving in front of me...I wanted him to be close to me… & was longing  for his call…may be he too may be in the same state as me and will try to call…telephone rang for once &  got disconnected…It seemed the ring was for alert  to go near the phone…I grabbed the phone in seconds & was waiting it to ring again…it rang again…in first ring, I picked up the phone but was tight lipped…I went deep silence of night  I could hear the breath and was sure that Ashwin was there on the line.

“Hello Divya, how are you?” he spoke in quiet ease

“Fine Ashwin, and you?” I replied hurriedly

“Are u awake till now? “

“Yessss & missing youuuu,” I whispered

“Reallyyyyyyyyyyy. I am lucky,” he laughed out.

“Are u teasing me…I am not fooling, it’s true, God promise...” I said in one shot

“That’s it…now you are on the right track; I waited so long to hear from you & today is that special day where you bluntly proposed…before that you have supported me but never took the initiative...good, I am overjoyed dear…..I am pinching myself…is it true or it’s my dream  ” He whispered
“Calling me so late?” I inquired

“Because I knew that you were waiting for my call, its telepathy dear, what you feel I too feel the same…so called you to hear my sweet lady’s  voice…” he flattered

“Goodnight dear...” I concluded and he too wished me the same & we hung the lines.

It was two a.m. only two hours left for dawn break, I put off the lights & lied on my bed deeply engrossed in the thoughts of Ashwin, when I went into deep slumber...could not make out but Mom barged into my room at quarter to nine & virtually shouted on top of her voice to wake me  up.

“ O my god, you are sleeping till the break of day, chalo wake up, your college is not over Beta, you have to work hard…” all said in one go…her common commandments which I listened without interfering her since I was in high school…& it continued till today…it was a religious sermon, one can say.

Really, it was quite late…I had to be in class on time…no excuse works inside the college premises...once the lecture is on start no one can enter the class. Within half an hour, was ready for the college & after breakfast, I started from my house.  
 As I stepped inside the college premises, found Ashwin there…quite surprised…it was unexpected….

“Hi…” he said with a wide smile adorning his face.
“ here…” I said in subdued tone
“Yes…very well   here to see my darling before starting my day...” He said bluntly

I was very happy my joy knew no bounds but couldn’t say further, was blushing and Ashwin watched me from tip to toe & with a mischievous smile spread on his face.

“So…go for your’s getting late…see u soon…bye bye…” He marched out of the premises.

I too hurried for my classes…few minutes were left for the lecture to start. Once I was in the class, total concentration was on the part was nothing subdued my concentration.
As usual was waiting anxiously for Ashwin…but he didn’t turn up…the sun has set…the kids back to their houses…but no sign of him. Even my Mom inquired why he hadn’t come today was he in town or been out of station.

“What happened, Divya? Did u had a fight with him” …& numerous queries were pinned from Mom’s side
I feigned ignorance.

Ashwin called me in late evening …I was ardently waiting for his call but when I heard his voice, my eyes welled up & tears flowed down instantly and I couldn’t speak. 

“Hello Divya dear…my darling….Sorry I couldn’t come. I too wanted to meet you badly but see we have to maintain a respectable distance so that our relation is long lasting…I know you are mine & I am yours in totality but…we need to keep our pace slow till we are married…so tell me how was the day?” Ashwin said.
“I am fine…& how about you…happy leaving me alone” I said in subdued tone.
“Oh ho…where I have left you…I had told you that we would be talking for hours over can hear me & I can say whatever I wish with full freedom…no bindings...don’t be mistaken…come on…bug up…smile…laugh…I know you must be feeling bad, even I am feeling the same but still we have to follow the norms dear….don’t cry…laugh loudly…yeah I must say you were looking more  beautiful today…I believe it is colors of my magical love..” He laughed heartily

I felt consoled & his words convinced me that he was right and He was my Mr. Right…Perfect Life Partner who had the ability to gaze behind the emotions else I was a big emotional fool, I never accepted but it was true!

to be continued..... 


  1. Nice :) Will wait for next part :)