The responses from both the families was contrary to our
imagination, what appeared tough task was sorted easily…people say, if one’s wishes are
true then nature help you out to get through easily
, it appeared cent
percent true…

Today’s Bollywood hero Shahrukh Khan puts in, ” Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho…to puri kainath usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai”, 

 Our feeling was honest & true for one another…we were
overwhelmed , we had crossed all the barriers & at  Ashwin’s place I was liked by his parents, the
question was of different communities but at least we had a bit to be sure
because we both belonged to forward sect of society…inter caste was an issue
but belonging to forward & backward sects was a serious issues in those
days….caste feeling was very much prevalent…it could not just happen…none
approved, even now, there is an issue, people still don’t wish but seeing the
trend of society ,it is not opposed on the front , further ,today’s children
don’t care for  the objections…they are
ready to go to any extent to fulfill their wishes, but we two wished to happen
things  with the blessings of our

Our dream got wings and it soared high, I was totally lost
in the world of my love, heart singing songs of love, world seem beautiful
& colorful and lovable. Nothing had changed everything was the same as
before…the transformation was within me…My feelings had changed for the
good…which made me feel everything beautiful…!!

Many times, I wanted to say out loud,  “ I LOVE U ASHWIN,” but  didn’t dared to say  aloud…a hesitation enveloped me but now I
wanted to break all  the barriers…I
started caring more about my looks, I wished to look best for Ashwin…though now
I feel for love, you don’t need to look beautiful because the man who loves
you loves you for who you are, not for your superficiality,
but girls have
weakness for their looks & they want to look best….and to receive
compliments for their beauty is their weakness, though she never admits.

It was turn of my Pa & Ashwin to convince his parents
especially the lady of the house for the alliance & would take few months
to reconcile. My attention was drifted from my studies which didn’t go
unnoticed by Maa & my love. They asked me to concentrate on my further studies;
I won’t get ample time for studies after marriage in the beginning years…this
time was perfect to complete my studies.
Ashwin started to look out for better opportunities to
settle down & he was even getting in lots because of higher studies from
US, he had to make a choice which one would be better for his future prospects,
in beginning, people look for such organizations where there is more scope to
learn rather than to earn and the subject Child Psychology- Behavioral needed a
better platform to enhance the knowledge.  These days he was more preoccupied with
interviews, meetings etc. so that he finds a suitable atmosphere to work.
After a month of marathon, he got into one of the best
institutions wherein he had to take care of the academics as well as to practice…with
better remuneration…in those days figures in thousands were more than lacs of
In late evening, I was strolling on my terrace deeply
engrossed in my love’s dream, suddenly someone came from by back and covered my
eyes, I was shaken by fear & shrieked….he consoled me and was standing in
front of me with a bouquet of beautiful roses & my favorite chocolates…. “
Good news Divya, now your man has got a job & am satisfied,” I was
overwhelmed, can’t express my emotions  in words but my eyes moistened, it was tears
of immense happiness, even Ashwin got emotional & handed me all the
chocolates. My joy knew no bounds, I wanted him to hold me in his arms but I
was tightlipped…I don’t know what he felt at that time but after marriage, he
confirmed that his emotions were the same as it was arising inside me but didn’t
had the courage to take the plunge. He pressed my hand hard in his hand which
comforted me that he was there for me & it was a big thing. We sat on the
terrace for hours in deep silence but it comforted us a lot. By 8 pm, he left
for his home; he had to give surprise to his parents too.  I thought to myself how with passage of time
priorities change, when a child is born, he wish to be closer to their parents
& their world revolves around them but when they outgrow their lap, this
close proximity is shared by the love or life partner. I was getting logical
but logic has no place in the world of emotions, I knew well.

The bouquet adorned my study table, loved the beautiful
roses of varied hues which spoke more of our relationship, love …

to be continued….. 

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