Going down the Memory lane as I was turning the albums of my childhood, a snap stopped me from moving forward, it was a snap of mine with my first love of my life, My Kitty.She was brought into our family when I was barely two years old and at the same time, my sister was born to join me. My granny took care of all of us as we had a joint family & members were not less than fifteen in our house, so my mother was busy with household chores and granny busy managing us…me and my new-born sis…She was a young granny not more than forty-five years of age…the age when today many girls enjoy their motherhood..she was very active and on toes with us..we all know managing kids is not less than a marathon race…Once while coming back from official tour , My Father brought my First Love from Ranchi…in a small black bag…she was a small pet dog, light brown hair coat and a very small creature..not more than 25 days old and named her Kitty…she became one of integral members of our family and for me a toy to play with….I loved this small creature..soft and sweet and cuddled in my arms…I noticed my granny’s way of managing my sis and I did the same thing…being a small kid but acted as a mother to the soft life…cuddling in my small arms, caring,feeding with a bottle and oiling like mother or granny does with the kid…keeping it on my legs & oiling…I don’t remember much whether Kitty liked my care or not but I felt on top of the world…and Kitty was very docile…my utmost care must have been uncomfortable for her but never raised any alarm or showed arrogance…she was submissive in nature.Kitty memories are intact but how I behaved with the pet in my kindergarten days I don’t remember but my granny or mother told me later how I took care of her & tried to copy the actions of my grandma managing my sis…Till ten years of my age…I firmly believed that when Kitty life will come to an end at twelve years so would my sis life…maybe somebody might have said that dog’s life is for twelve years and I thought that when my sis was born same time Kitty was born to her mother and so & they both had the same life span….recalling this incident now leaves me laughing loud at my foolishness or my innocence at the tender age…we were born in an age when except for movies no visual concept existed and we grew with nature…so our thoughts were pure and innocent. Kitty was my first love…we played with ball in the fields…so we three grew together but the passion I had for Kitty was amiss in my sis…even after joining my play school, I took utmost care of her..saw that she was fended on time…I ceremoniously played in the evenings…and the bonding’s grew between us…Seeing me Kitty would wag her tail and took small jumps and coming near to me she jumped on my body…Kitty was of Dachshund breed…short height ed but the shape of body was long so on two toes it reached till my neck even I too was a child…but I regarded myself as the master of Kitty and showed authoritative behavior as well as my gestures were like a mother has for her kids…when she was left for evening walk after having food…Kitty would go alone and after completing its chores…return back straight to our home and if door was locked it would knock with its tail & members of family many times was confused whether there was some guests on the entrance but when peeped through the window…we would find Kitty waiting for her master to take her in…It’s behavior was remarkable unlike other doggies…never ate from guests plate even if it was offered neither tried to lick anything of the house or damage anything…gradually Kitty was aging….one day one street dog bit and from that day its health started deteriorating..lost its eyesight & hearing power…skin infections…very few months of life it had to live…One day my father bought a new puppy mix of Alsatian from Calcutta via aircraft…and introduced it to us…but seeing it Kitty was not at all happy…it started showing its disapproval…one time loyal friend Kitty started ignoring my orders & even did not eat properly…During May vacations…lot of our relatives had poured in and we enjoyed the group of relatives playing cards..cracking jokes, pulling legs on slightest pretext…preparing new dishes & everyone was in playful mood….In morning, I gave their breakfast to both of them…Kitty as well as newcomer…Kitty showed reluctance in having breakfast so I scolded & asked to have the breakfast…But I believe it did not like my irritant behavior…and it went out of the gate and sat there…I tried my best to take her in the precincts of our house…but Kitty ignored my requests…I joined the relatives and was enjoying the day…At 1 pm, I went Kitty…I searched all corners of the house but nowhere it was seen…I went outside of the gate and found Kitty fallen on the ground…An unknown fear gripped me and I raised an alarm..all the members came out alarmed…I was crying inconsolably though at that age I did not know what Death was…My granny came forward & declared that Kitty had breathed its last…No more it existed….I cried a lot…I had seen it’s suffering but did not know that it would be no more with us….Everyone consoled me and said that the suffering has come to an end ..it’s a part and parcel of life…We took Kitty to the River Ganges by car and it was immersed in Holy Ganga…that time I could not bear the sight of immersion…it moved me from within…At that time..I did not know what life & death was…there was only one thought, “WHAT IS MINE IS FOREVER MINE”.The place occupied by Kitty appeared vacant & all belongings of Kitty was dumped in the garbage….I was moved from within…but did not express my emotions & the turmoil within….There was a gut feeling which was eating me from within as why I scolded Kitty though it was not by anger..it was my love for her but my stern actions hurt it the most…& it decided to leave us…I felt worse…all other family members was back to their daily chores but my face wore a sad look & did not feel like doing anything from within…The new member saw me meekly & tried to grab my attention though being dog lover..it didn’t attract me…because somewhere I felt that this new pup…who was named , “Beauty” was somewhat responsible for the demise of my First Love…In evenings many people among friend’s group,neighbors & few family members poured in receiving the news of Kitty’s death…everyone had a soft corner because of its docile behavior…anyone never saw it in fit of rage…truly a loyal friend….though was very harsh to unknown people or creatures getting inside our precincts….by the voice of its bark we could make out whether any unknown face has arrived at our gate or any creature…like at the sight of snakes…it would yell at like anything….One may find it funny but these things only one can know who has pets….their feelings & expressions….IT IS SAID,”IF YOU KEEP DOGS AND EVEN IF YOU DON’T FEED THEM THEY WILL STILL BE FAITHFUL TO HIS MASTER & EVEN IN DAYS OF HARDSHIP OR VIOLENCE,THEY WILL LAY DOWN THEIR LIFE FOR HIS MASTER UNLIKE MAN WHO LEAVES FAMILY OR FRIENDS IN THE DAYS OF HARDSHIPS”….It’s been years since Kitty left but still memories are as fresh & intact…it’s true…FIRST LOVE NEVER QUITS YOUR MEMORIES…IT RESIDES DEEP INSIDE OURSELVES….SO ARE THE MEMORIES OF KITTY.

Poem written in the memory of kitty…


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