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Saturday, August 27, 2016

On a Date to Nandi Hills Bangalore #Karnataka

I had heard a lot of Nandi Hills from friends and family staying at Bangalore and even had a chance to read about it on web and was charmed by the photo clippings shared with me. I had been to Bangalore numerous times but never got chance to enjoy in the Nandi Hills.

This time, I hit Nandi Hills though we were a bit late & missed the encounter of the sunrise view from the top of Nandi Hills.

As we took turn for the spot, a fresh air enveloped us and greenery sprawled around was a real treat. The fragrance of freshness emanated from the surroundings and I felt wonderful.

Once Bangalore was known for its greenery but now with shooting population & massive construction around has stolen the charm of the beautiful garden city.

As we inched closer near the foothills, I was enchanted by the view. The mist on the top hill was a sight to watch and it felt soothing and relaxing. But my joy was short-lived. As we meandered through few turns, a huge crowd awaited further and the road was packed with traffic clogging the road. We waited for some time inside our car but there was no scope of taking it further. People started parking at one side of the road and our journey to reach Nandi Hills started off on foot and in more than an hour, we reached near the top.

The mood was dampened by the crowds, it was 14th of August 2016, a long weekend and people had thronged in large numbers and most people were on four wheelers.

It was my first trip to Nandi so I captured moments of our trip and I felt nice roaming amidst the mist laden atmosphere and the tall trees of Eucalyptus stood tall in the hills. It was refreshing and the refreshing air helped me to walk barefoot for more than ten kilometres on one side, but we could not reach on the top because the mist cleared and the beauty of Nandi hills is the condensation of greens which enables the mist to envelope the entire Nandi hills.

It was a great respite from heat of North India and I felt fresh. The localites of Bangalore had dressed up tight in warm clothes, but I felt soothing in my cotton suit.

I am still in Bangalore and planning one more chance to barge in the hills of Nandi on any working day to be saved from the chaos of crowd.

Enjoy the clippings that I could manage to click. 

Monkeys relishing banana & biscuits

                                                        Traffic Congestion on the Hills on 14th August 2016


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