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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Thank You God!!!

We count our blessings for what we have but today I had to count on my blessings for the things that I don’t have. In one go, it sounded ridiculous to me but when the concept sank in then I understood what message it conveyed between the lines.

It asked me how I am thankful for the things that I don’t have in my life as having those will be adding trouble to my joyous life…it wasn’t easy to find the weeds in my life…I brooded long and finally, it worked out.

I profusely thank the Supreme Power that he hasn’t instilled Jealousy in me that doesn’t mean that I can share my love with someone…not at all. In my context…I don’t have inert properties of J in me…I feel happy if someone related or unrelated is happy… If my siblings do well, I feel proud but never ever I am J at their accomplishments…care pours in from my heart but never ever it gets mixed with J…I am really thankful that the Supreme Power did not inject me the chemical properties of Been Jealous.

Cheating & Playing Politics weed is not in my fields…I am quite straight forward and raw and an initial interaction with anyone mars their opinion about me…they try to shoo away from me...but when someone is associated they thank their stars…I am honest and poor at playing politics, at times, it poses issues but still I thank Lord for not instilling these poisons in my blood.

I am not Greedy for wealth nor I get infected with other’s wealth…I am only greedy to acquire information & knowledge through books, internet and experiences. I am very much contended with what I have & I don't have complains to unknown power.

I am tea-lover and prefer drinking black tea without sugar but thankfully I am not addicted. I can live without it. I don't have any Addiction of any kind in my life, no drug abuses nor alcohol.

From bottom of my heart, I thank God for making me what I am and keeping me aloof from the evils and my prayer continues to keep me as I am today, polish my qualities for betterment not for becoming a monster.

Pic Credits: here

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Deadly Butt!

                                                                           Image Credits: here

Billows of smoke
Rising from the cigar
Of a teenager.

An instant choice
To puff
Grew intense inspire
By the sight
Of cigar butt
Rolling on
His friend’s lips.

Asked his friend
To share
The puff
He pulled
One long puff
Blowing the smoke
In the air.

In his throat
Life stood still.

The advertisement
Played on
The idiot box
With a warning
Got an insight
Not to puff anymore.

He was irritate
Smashed the butt
Under his shoe
To touch again.

© Ila Varma 2016

Wordy Wednesday : This Week: Word Prompt: Inspire, Instant, Irritate, Insight.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Gutka Banned--Still Navigating in Markets #Impact on Life

                                                                Ban On Gutka
                                                            Source: here

                                         Navigating in the Markets- Scene after Ban -- Amusing
                                                   Source: here

Gutka banned, law says, but is it really banned?  Navigate through the lanes & the by lanes of city and you will find shops laced with sachets of Gutka, displaying different brands at Nukkad shops under the nose of administration and the law administrators too relish the taste of it and roads and buildings decorated...all red, not with color red but spitting tobacco all around.

Laws are framed and declared loudly on different channels, printed bold in newsprint but in practical terms, there isn’t much difference. 

The hoarders & sellers mint more money out of it selling in “Black” and people relishing out of addiction & can’t give up easily or under compulsion.

Any habit starts in fashion and a stage comes when it’s difficult to get out of it. For me, Gutka means Pan Parag, there are varied brands now, but for me gutka means Pan Parag. It is an age old product and it is in market since long and was particularly used by few business class families. People don’t get offended…it’s my individual experience…don’t try to prove statistics, I am weak at it. I found the place of Pan Parag in few families in tin packing and it was sparsely used...I experienced as a child.

Today before writing, I invaded the site of Pan Parag for extracting few information and found that it was introduced way back in August 1973, initially it was in tin pack, so it moved on few counters. 

The introduction of sachets in 1985 gained popularity, been easy on pockets and in navigation….sachets could easily find solace in trousers pockets of men, so easy to use and carry and be away from the prying eyes of resentment. 

The momentum picked up and the sales flared up and the users multiplied….I am writing the facts that my eyes have experienced…indirect victim of it…few close members became fan of this product after launch of sachets & my introspection says that sachets would not have been introduced. 

Who am I to say….market don’t move on my say? I despise…I hate…it is truly said, “The more you hate, you are more close to it” and it stands true in my case for this dreaded Gutka...poses threat to impact of gutka.

The sachets found more customers, more new comers joined the league and the sales boomed and more companies joined the league and the results of sales was astounding. I am baffled to explore that even company received National Awards for it…I am not going to go in depth. Navigate the links, interested people can find for themselves, here.

I am anguished to see more people have become addicted to this gutka and hold introduction of sachets responsible for it. I have seen both the phase…time when sachets were not introduced & the time after introduction. 

It was sparsely used, so addiction to gutka wasn’t there, it was used as a mouth freshener. 
With sachets in the market, the school and college goers, youngsters too have become addicted to it and cases of cancers have sprung up at a rapid pace. The rag pickers who cannot afford onetime meal chews gutka. The families faces the music because of addicts. They lose their lives and the families left suffer under economy crunch, the case is common with low income group.

 What Gutka is actually? 

It is a preparation of crushed areca nut, tobacco, catechu, paraffin wax, slaked lime and sweet or savory flavorings, My say, it is a slow poison.

  For more details, refer here.

   Impact of Gutka on Health:

   It poses a direct threat to life, it is carcinogenic. Maximum addicted users suffer, rarely   one is spared.

·         It stains the teeth and erodes the gums.

·         Excessive gutkha use can eventually lead to loss of appetite, promote unusual sleep patterns, and loss of concentration along with other tobacco-related problems.Doctors, especially oncologists, say consumption of gutka is more harmful than any other form of tobacco.

·         It can cause non-healing ulcerative lesions in parts of the oral cavity such as cheek, lips, tongue, hard palate, floor of the mouth and soft palate. It can also affect the food pipe, voice box and kidney. 
       Inputs from here.

Addicted people have a habit of spitting hither & thither so the impact is on environment too. Murals of gods and goddesses were painted on the wall so that people don’t spit but not much difference could be found.

The gutka menace is just because of availability in sachets. It won’t come to an end easily until and unless product in sachets are withdrawn completely from the market of all brands.

Ban on Gutka isn’t working nor the Statutory warning on packages.

(The views are solely mine and the inputs are gathered online.)

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