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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Those Innocent Faces!

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Since a year, I am engaged with a NGO to help the unprivileged class, who cannot make his living by his own effort because of old age and physical disabilities. Simultaneously, time to time, we visit orphanage to distribute snacks or items that they require periodically.

Our dreams are embedded with our NGO, but it is in an infancy stage and a minuscule number support us in this race. 

I dream to walk miles before I sleep.

My observation shook me from within when I first stepped inside the orphanage. There were small children from the tender age of 4 to 18 years. 

When they gathered inside the campus to meet us, those innocent eyes that gazed at us were mostly of Girls, only 5 boys were there among the crowd of 50.

The disparity in number of gender triggered queries inside me.

Why the numbers of Girls is so high in orphanage?



A fine reason settled inside me and my conscience supported the reason.

Are these Girls abandoned by the parents?

Are these Girls borne by the Moms out of wedlock or result of outraged modesty of girls?

My inner conscience said yes and my soul was shocked to watch those innocent cute faces. A hollow smile writ large on their faces.

What was the fault of these innocent souls?

Humans are judgmental and they love what they prefer. But, how God can be so cruel with them?

I have seen people asking for children, who aren’t blessed with a child. They are not on the page of choice of gender rather they pray to God to bless with a child. Their only choice is child, Boy or Girl doesn’t matter.

How come God blesses these cursed souls, who don’t have care for a girl child?

I was moved at the sight of those innocent faces of cute girls, each had its own beauty and charm. The life that they are gifted with, has a tag of orphan but my mind dwindled in conflict, "are they really orphan."

My soul was not ready to accept. A feeling emerged that they are tagged orphans due to the compelled ignorance of their parents and extended family members.

Woman is known for her unconditional love for her child and what are these woman made of who abandoned their new-born at the mercy of none.

Science and technology is advancing each and every moment but still the numbers at orphanage growing and that too of GIRLS….pathetic.

It was a trying moment for me.

I want to do a lot for them to bring happiness in their life but I cannot do for all because of my limitations, personal and financial.

I have vowed to help them periodically by distributing stationary items, clothing, food articles etc.

I along with my accomplice and my children distributed snacks among them.

While leaving, I enquired what they want in my next visit.

Most of them said chocolates and colour pencils.

They bid us goodbye with a Big Thank You note and See You Again.

Hopefully, will visit soon but I pray to God in silence to hold the numbers of Orphans.

Why to bring them in this world to be looked upon as an object of sympathy?

Many questions keep rising in my head shaking my belief on humanity.

I have scribbled my feelings that I encounter with in my solitude. I share the turmoil that churns within me on the subject. No offences to any social or political people.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Kailash Satyarthi announces Bharat Yatra on Child Sexual Abuse and Trafficking

August:  Nobel Peace Laureate, Sh. Kailash Satyarthi, is embarking on a historic Bharat Yatra to spearhead the fight against child trafficking and child sexual abuse across the country. This yatra is the manifestation of his belief in ‘SurakshitBachpan-Surakshit Bharat’. The yatra will pass through 22 states covering 15,000 Kms and union territories over 35 days. The Yatra will start from Kanyakumari in the south, stretching across western India. Guwahati will lead the yatra from the eastern part of the country, while Srinagar will flag off the northern stretch.  The culmination of the Yatra will be in the national capital of Delhi, on the 15th of October.

Kailash Satyarthi has been campaigning for the freedom, safety and security for children across the globe for the past 36 years. He has led the historic Global March Against Child Labor in 1998 that prompted the ILO to pass international conventions against the worst form of child labor, in addition to the Shiksha yatra in 2001, after which the Right to Education was included as a fundamental right in the Constitution of India.  As a prolific thought leader, he has been played a catalytic role in influencing social and political policies of our country. He won the Nobel Peace prize (2014) for his continuous efforts and struggle for the rights of children. The yatra will flag off from Kanyakumari on the 11th of September, from the Vivekanand Memorial, commemorating the anniversary of the great leader’s address at Chicago in 1893.

Announcing the Bharat Yatra with the parents of the survivors, Sh Kailash Satyarthi said,
“Today, I declare a war on child sexual abuse and trafficking. Today I am announcing Bharat Yatra, the biggest movement in history to make India safe again for children. I refuse to accept that the innocence, smiles and freedom of our children can keep getting stripped and raped. These are not ordinary crimes. This is a moral epidemic haunting our nation.”

As the architect of some of the largest civil body movements for a cause in the last four decades, Mr. Satyarthi’s lifelong mission is to eradicate all forms of violence against children.Mr. Satyarthi and his foundation KSCF have been preparing the ground for several months to launch the Yatra in September. As part of this ground work, Mr.Satyarthi has travelled the length and breadth of country meeting citizens, faith leaders, employees and corporates, Parliamentarians, social organizations among others, all of whom have pledged their whole-hearted support to the Bharat Yatra, terming it as a necessary fight for our country to embark on and a noble cause to work towards.

Recently he met parliamentarians in Delhi to apprise them of the issue of child trafficking and child sexual abuse and seek their support in spreading the awareness against the menace. Last month he spoke with and inspired over 500 LinkedIn employees in Bangalore, about the need for corporates such as LinkedIn to take a strong stand for the future of our country and will continue to do this over the course of the next few months. He has been meeting with several faith heads in New Delhi and across the country to ensure that the fight permeates all sections of society, pan-India. The curtain raiser to this march in Delhi, saw the launch of the video for the Bharat Yatra, which highlighted the appeal of children across the country to unite and fight for their freedom, safety and security. The campaign is expected to reach 1 crore stakeholders of the country.

Bharat Yatra is the launch of the three year campaign against child rape and child sexual abuse which is aimed at increasing awareness and reporting of the cases, strengthening institutional response including medical health and compensations, ensuring protection for victims and witnesses during trials and increasing convictions of child sexual abuse in a time bound manner.

The launch also saw families of victims of trafficking and abuse who narrated the emotional and physical trauma they had to endure because of the misdeeds of a few. The families pledged their support hoping that it would bring about the revolution, the country needs to sustain its fight against the exploitation of children.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Are We Modern in Our Thoughts? #SocialStigma


How modern we try to show ourselves but still the people of today are dwelling in past and are centuries behind in thought of action.

The people around have adopted modern culture in dressing, cuisine and lifestyle has beamed but the mental level is not so enhanced in spite of literacy and globalization.

I may sound high but after reading the following incident, you will realize the truth.

Tia was married in an affluent and socially respectable family. After two years of marriage, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter. When she was born, for first few minutes, there was utter silence. The nurses that came with the child too was upset, (her face conveyed) and they didn’t demand any ransom to hand over the child as they do at the birth of a son. Anyhow, the situation was managed by sis-in-law of Tia and relatives present congratulated each other on the arrival of a daughter or Lakshmi.

After few years, again Tia was in family way. When she broke the news to her Mom-in-law and her parents, both blessed her with a wish that this time she is blessed with a son. Finally, the D-day arrived and again Tia was blessed with a daughter. After the news, there was long silence and none could muster the courage to break the deafening eerie.

Tia and her husband had planned for tubectomy but her MIL was reluctant and she asked the attending doctor not to perform tubectomy. Doctor kept the word of Tia’s MIL.

When I met her, I told her to plan family planning to avoid further pregnancy but she didn’t listen to me and once again, she was caught in family way.

Third time, she was pregnant.

When I came to know, I was very upset and called Tia to abort this pregnancy to save her health from deteriorating further. Already she had complains of pain & weakness.

But she did not pay heed to my advice and continued her third pregnancy with a promise that this time, she will get the tubectomy done.

Again, she was blessed with a daughter and her MIL was very upset and she barged into the OT after getting the news to not perform tubectomy.

I was annoyed with the attending doctor who couldn’t explain Tia’s MIL about the complications that she might face in future if she goes on delivering children after three C-Section.

I take this incident as hypocrisy in society who are mad after male child considering them fit to be the family heir.

Have we really advanced in our thoughts and actions?

We dream big, we quote of been advanced and modern in thoughts, but I am doubtful after introspecting these incidents which is taking place around us.

Share if you care.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

One Liner #Daughter's Voice

"Dear Daughter, I gave you liberty to stand n express yourself but you stood against me & barred me from expression, Is this fair, my Daughter?"

#Distressed Parent's Thought.

It's true from time immemorial, daughters of this land were suppressed or are been suppressed and many voices were raised to give freedom and rights and she got. Nowadays, I observe that the parents who treated her equally are now in distress because they disobey them. She was given liberty to stand n live freely, but that doesn't mean that she becomes disobedient.


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Saturday, October 15, 2016

She!!! #Daughter #Girlchild



Ready for the world
She came like a shooting star
She didn't had the inkling
Her life was for war.

The day she dawned
In her mother's lap
She kissed
Showering all her love.

As doctor declared
She was a girl
Mother's radiant eyes
Fond with love
Changed to scorn
And the people around
Was in frown
Appeared as if they were
Under the burden of tonnes.

She was ignorant of 
The rhythm
Humming around
She was crying 
in full pace
Welcoming the beautiful world 
With grace.

She never knew
The beautiful world
Would rasp her
Concealing her freedom
Reducing her to a mere object
Rejecting her from every corners.

 © Ila Varma 15-10-2016


Sunday, April 10, 2016

#G for Genital Mutilation of Females - #A to Z CHALLENGE

The term Genital Mutilation of Females was unknown to me till I read a recent article on it and it raised my hairs and I shivered with fear. How can people be so inhuman to girls and women and compel her for genital mutilation to put a capping on her sexual urges for no medical reasons.

Imagining the plight of females undergoing this painful procedure is dreadful, then just think what trauma the girls would be facing.

Who are we to suppress the natural urges? The person who undergoes this surgical intervention mostly lose their mental balance and suffer from depression and other psychological disorders.

Once I thought our country India was conservative and narrow minded and responsible for females plight but when I read that this practice is going in UK, Africa, Sudan, Indonesia and many more, I thought our country was better and not involved in this process.

It is a traditional process and generally the procedure is carried out by quakes and it is a surgical cumbersome procedure and the reason behind it is gender inequality and to suppress the sexual urge of a woman, demeaning to be an object of enjoyment for men and to give birth to children. In many cases, the aperture is left for urination and periods and later on by surgical intervention, mouth of vulva is opened for consummation and childbirth.

We should hang ourselves in shame. A man is an enemy of man then only they can bear to make the women suffer.

FGM is often considered a necessary part of bringing up a young girl properly and a way of preparing her for marriage. It is thought to reduce a young woman’s libido, thereby ensuring pre-marital virginity and marital fidelity.

In many communities the long-standing prevalence of the procedure leads to pressures to conform to tradition, making it difficult to end the abuse.

My hands tremble and shake to write about genital mutilation.

Please do follow the links to get aware of the atrocities done to women and how they are oppressed.

Stringent laws should be enforced to stop this barbaric act.

It is a way to abuse a girl.

We should unite to put an end to FGM.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Of My Life- My Daughter


Time winged

And my daughter matured

The tiny little girl

Who strongly held my fingers

Today, moves away

Leaving me in tears

Tears are of mirth


She is going to embark


Mansion of dreams

Tears are of sadness


I will miss her

Smiles & giggles

In my life


My ears will ache

To hear

Us calling

Maa & Papaa…Dear.

Emptying my nest

She is ambling there


The Charming Prince


Start a new life


A set of

New Relationships



And many more

Strings of relationships

You will cheer.

Praying for your


Sound health



Welcomes your path

Wherever you keep your lovely feet.

Adorn your new kingdom

Nurturing & nourishing

With love

With happiness



Stays far away from you dear.

My eyes have welled with tears


I am holding back

Praying for a lovely future,

My Princess,

My Dear.

© Ila Varma 21-03-2016

#Written on the eve of World Poetry Day

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


"A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart."~Author Unknown

We are four sisters and I have experienced the people’s reaction coming after been apprised that our parents were blessed with four daughters. I have mentioned it to be a blessing but people around did not accept us as blessings rather they took us as curses of the Almighty. Even people of today feel the same. You may feel that I am been harsh in using such words but it’s a truth that stands Naked in today’s scenario too.

Nowadays, there is only one change that I find in is that the people (the outsiders or family members) don’t express freely. The same words are delivered and the same emotions emoted as it was in our times, only the tone has changed. Still people say the same in a hush-hush tone.

Navigating in the past times, I clearly remember those reactions that writ large on their faces on the mention of four daughters and I hated those faces & disliked their reactions and at times, I used to be furious on their comments and it pinched me a lot.

But four decades before people were Bold in their expressions or believed in Right to Freedom of Speech and they delivered well without giving it a second thought of the impact on the peppy daughters and their parents.

I think I won’t be able to forget those remarks though I live life boldly as a woman of substance and now none can compete me on the dais of debates, “Sons Verses Daughters.” I won’t be easy for a person contemplating to indulge in the discussions, it will be a tough time for a person and might face the music for taking me on ride.
People, please don’t try on me.

My suppressed emotions are enraged and I am on fire….I am easy, you will find me cool as an ice till I am not provoked.

These days, you will find people searching a daughter-in-law and often people comment that the scene of society has changed and it is easy to get a match for a daughter than for a son.

It’s very true and one fine day, I scribbled few words in Hindi in favour of a Girl or a Daughter.

My Poem

हमारी लाडली

चंचल और चपल,

नाजुक और कोमल

मनमोहिनी यही हैं

पहचान हमारी लाडली की ॥

घर आँगन गुलशन

रहे इसके आगमन से

फिर भी समाज को नहीं भाती

जन्म हमारी लाडली की ॥

भूल जाते हैं लोग

यही है सृष्टि रचने वाली

इसी ने हमें जन्म दिया

और बढाया घऱ संसार ॥

बालपन में बापू के

आँगन की श्रिृंगार

यौवन में इठलाती चली

अपने बालम के द्वार

इक संसार को सुना कर

चली बसाने अपना घऱ संसार

बाबुल ने किया खुशी

बिदा अपनी लाङली

यही सदियों से चलती आई संस्कार ॥

सहमी - सहमी

आँखों में हसीऩ सपने लिए

चली सजाने बालम का घर संसार

नया घर नया परिवेश

जोड़ती हर नये रिशतों को

खुद को अटूट बंधन में ॥

बालम का हर सपना सजा

मनमोहिनी के आगमऩ से

किया न्योछावर खुद को

सराबोर बलमा के प्यार में ॥

कच्ची कली खिल गई

बलमा के अधिकाऱ में

नया जन्म पाया

ममता से परिपूर्ण

किलकारियों से गूजीं

खिलीं नये सुमन से

बगिया हमारी लाङली की ॥

शोख हसीना बन गई माँ

रात भऱ जागती

करती सेवा अपने बगिया की

भूल अपना साज़ श्रिृंगार ॥

भोर होती किलक़ाऱियों से

कब ढल जाता दिन

प्यार दुलार से सिंचती

अपना घर संसार

भूल अपने बाबूल का संसार

जिस घर में पली बड़ी

वही घर हो जाता परदेश ॥

सुबह से शाम तक

घिरनी सी नाचती

बच्चों को सिंचा

ममता की छावों में

आँख़ों में सपने सजाए

अऱमाऩ लिए खुशियों की

लूटा दिया ममता ही हर क़ीमत

कर के समस्त न्योछावर

हमारी लाडली॥

कितने रिशतों में ख़ुद को पिरोती

बन जीवनसंगिनी और माँ

बहऩ, भाभी और बहू

हज़ार कोशिशों के बाद भी

होती कभी अगर भूल

तो सुन लेती दुहाई अपने संस्कारों की

सुख़ दुःख़ हैं जीवन के दो पहलू

यही सोच फुसलाती ख़ुद को

हमारी लाडली॥

इतनी त्याग पर भी

क्या वह सम्मान पाती

घर में बड़ों का शासन

बाहर में ज़ालिम संसार

लोगों की ऩजर भेदती

चीरती उसकी छाती

नज़ऱों से बचाती अपने यौवन को॥

हम भी दोहरी ज़िंदगी जीते

घर में पूजते लक्ष्मी और दुर्गा

घर की लक्ष्मी को दुतकारते

जिस जऩनी ने हमें जन्म दिया

क़ोख में उसकी हत्या होती

चाह लिए बेटों की

पर क्या हम सज़ा पाएगें

बेटों का घऱ संसार

बिना जन्म हमारी लाडली की॥

© Ila Varma 2016

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sex determination test: Impact on Indian Society


                            “A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.” ― Carl Sandburg

I endorse the idea put up by Mrs. Maneka Gandhi to make the foetus test mandatory for sex determination. Hue and cry will be raised against it, because in our country people’s reactions come first and afterwards, they try to understand the matter. If one thinks coolly, it’s an idea to be welcomed with open arms. You might question me, why am I supporting this view?

See, in our country, legally, there is a ban on foetus sex determination test to stop female foeticide, but is this mandate followed 100%. A Big “No” and we all know. The laws are passed and implemented but is not followed religiously, that’s the beauty of our country. People are well habituated and they do what they like.

The funniest thing I discover about the mentality of people, a woman is the enemy of a woman. A woman wants to give birth only to a male child, no females. I don’t understand how insane a person can be. Can society of only males survive? What do they have in their mind? Will all the males of our country live as singles or marry with the same sex?

The icing on the cake is She desires beautiful bride for her son, from where she will fetch. Is she planning to get one from Mars? Actually, the problem is with her mind-set. It’s so attuned from the beginning to desire bearing male child only. People need to attend awareness programs to understand that for a family, a child is necessary irrespective of sex.

In spite of ban, under the covers, scissors are used to terminate pregnancies, if foetus test confirms a girl child. The laws of our land need to be amended for womb wash or abortions. The term “Abortions” needs much clarity and crystal clear policies to put a stop to female foeticide.

In many countries, in initial phase of pregnancy, sex is determined and declared to the couple, because people don’t go for abortion and it is vice versa in our country. Here people deliberately visit for sex determination test and if they spot a girl, they willingly go for termination of pregnancy, this is the case under legal ban.

Better we revoke this ban and implement the laws which will have positive impact on our society.

1.      Make sex determination test mandatory for each pregnancy and the case should be registered in records after verifying the antecedents of the expecting parents.

2.        Cross checks will be done by the attending doctors and the file to be maintained with the signatures of parents and the doctors.

3.        No abortions will be allowed after sex determination tests.

4.       Abortions to be carried only in the cases of birth defects and abnormalities of foetus, not fit to produce.

5.        Birth defects cases should not undergo the sex determination test.

6.       Better that the government mandates both, birth defect tests and sex determination tests.

7.      In birth defect test, if the foetus is found abnormal, it should be terminated    and sex determination test should not be carried.

8.       The data of Births and Abortions should be maintained.

It is not an easy task, it is a daunting task and the whole machinery needs overhauling to implement it. The proposal is good if drafted with possible possibilities and implemented with extra care and effort. The laws need to be stringent and it should be strictly followed to improve the statistics and status of our country. Introduce awareness programs and educate women of society to bring a change in their mind-sets.

We have less females in our country in comparison to male ratio and we shouldn’t forget that the Creator of the Universe is a Woman and she needs to be welcomed with love. Strive for a child to add happiness in life, drop the fantasy of cherishing male child. I believe it will have positive impact in our country and improve the condition of our country.

(The views are solely mine and not influenced by anyone. Author Ila Varma.)

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Thursday, January 28, 2016


A baby girl

Dawned on this earth

Big protruding eyes

Crimson cheeks

Very fair


In the arms of her mother


The nipples


The honours of motherhood.


The family

Scorned & Ignored

The new-born

The fault was simple

She was a Peppy Girl.


Her mother

Faced the music

Been incapable

To bring a heir

She was cursed

For the disaster.


Mother nurtured

Her Fantastico

Like princess


The brunt of all.


With a hope

A day will dawn

When girls will be


With open arms.


Time navigated

The baby


To a charming nymph

Under the impact

Of myriad

Love & care.




A fitting alliance

For their lovely



To be showered

With positive vibes.


The Day Arrived

Wrapped in bridal red attire

Decked in dazzling gold



The relations behind.

To start a life a fresh

With the Prince Fantastico

With the blessings of all.

Thousands of peppy dreams

Weaved in fantasy

Caged in her heart

To lead a life

In the aura of happiness & care

In the close embrace of her love.

The very first night

Her dreams were scattered

Hearing his first verdict

Of her Man

She was only

An ornamental mistress

Some other


His mind & heart.




In pain & disaster


The impostor

Shed off his skin

Of mildness.


Numerous questions


Reverberated in her mind

Why was she opted

For this Music

Roping her name

Deflowering her life

Where she erred?

She cried out loud

Howled & pleaded

Appealing for the mercy

With a hope

He will melt.

Her pleads went in vain

He was a living monster

With steel heart & claws.

He laughed & thundered

Narrowing his eyes

Enjoying her unspeakable plight.

She was breached


All her dreams tattered

Before her eyes.

Mustering courage

She navigated


Superficial bindings


Imposter a blow.

With a vow

To recast

Her life anew.

© Ila Varma 28-01-2016

The girl's birth is not welcomed in most of the families. People celebrate the birth of a son with pomp and show and there is a innate belief that the son's are the heirs of family. Biologically, a female has no role in giving birth to a son or a daughter, it is the male's sperm which decides the sex of a child, but still females are held responsible for it. Since primitive days, people scorned at the birth of a girl child. People got educated, lifestyle changed but the mindset did not underwent major changes and the society still disapproves her existence.

What an irony, the creator of universe is not welcomed, her hard luck.

A bit change crept in as times navigated and the parents supported & educated her. When she attains a marriageable age, they search a suitable alliance and marries her off nurturing a dream that she is blessed with a loving  husband and family.

Sometimes, luck does not favor her and she is cheated. In our society, man can live a life on his own terms but in the case of a woman, people back out to help her and she is locked in the four walls of house suppressing her desires.

Time has changed and it is the need of the hour to change the mindset of society. She too has a right to live and her wants to be fulfilled.

Society disapproves but few have dared to bring in the change and has moved out of the relationship which was farce and has carved a place of her own. It requires a lot of courage and perseverance to bear the taunts of family & society.

We need to change our perspectives for the female child and raise her without discrimination.

Such cases still prevails in our society and it needs to be changed. Impact of education has upsurged in society but still a long way to go.

Dark facet of the society exist in the dark corners of our country.

Poet of the Poem: © Ila Varma

(The views expressed are solely of the author Ila Varma, my close observations. It is not influenced by anyone.)

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Sunday, December 27, 2015



क्युँ नवाजा उन्हें,

कुदरत की खुबसूरत नियामत से,

जिन्हें कद्र नहीं,

कुदरत के अनमोल सौगात संभालने की।।
© इला वर्मा 27/12/2015


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

अंधा कानून


कानून बंद रह गये,

मोटी किताबों में।

शर्मशार हुए सब,

कानून के फैसले से,

आहत किया,

झकझोर दिया, अंतरमन

एक ही प्रश्न मन में उपजे,


कैसे सुरक्षित करे हम

अपनी बेटियों को

जो हमारी बगिया की

आन और शान।।

जमाने के ठेकेदारें से

जो लिप्त हैं,

ईमान की निलामी में,


© इला वर्मा 22/12/2015

(The thought shared after the court verdict who freed the monster of Nirbhaya's case on the pretext of juvenile, though his acts weren't in a category of juvenile. The laws has too many loop holes and need to be amended with time.)




Sunday, December 20, 2015

Speak Out #Know Your Rights



Amnesty International has come up with the campaign to educate the women of their rights by the aid of physical and digital mode of communication and to make them aware of the ways to exercise their rights in the need of the hour. This campaign has started from Bangalore and is gradually expanding to other parts of India to safeguard the females of our society, who are the most affected by eve teasing, rapes, sexual and physical assault, torture, acid attacks and killing.

The assaults are increasing day by day and is a threat to woman of today, the consequences are intriguing and manifold. The matters are not reported and as per the survey, only one percent of the cases are reported and the rest 99% matters are hushed up behind the curtains under the fear of getting identified in society and bad name. The most amazing fact is that when the people come to know of the issues of sexual violence, they put all the blame on the fairer sex ignoring the doer of the crime and the culprits continues to indulge in this shameful act without any fear. I feel that this is one of the prime reasons for the rise in crimes against women.

The fairer sex is blamed for their dressing styles and ways of representing themselves in public. The crime is on such a spree that even toddlers and infants are not spared nor the elderly women. The violence is not only on the public places, many cases crop up within the four walls of home by the kith’s & kin’s of the family, close friends and neighbours. Many cases come of elderly men engaged in such shameful acts and when caught, all the blame is inferred on to the poor women. These tall claims are all false and are gender biased. The scars of sexual assault remains for long and sometimes many cannot come out of this fear throughout the life.

The burning case of Nirbhaya who was brutally raped & assaulted and she succumbed, wherein the revolt and pressure was from all corners of the country for punishing the culprits & giving her justice.  The recent verdict of the court has once again proved that justice is not easy to attain in our country and it reflects the mockery of our legal proceedings in our country. How can the guy be set free who assaulted Nirbhaya in a beastly manner under the excuse of juvenile convict. What justice can one expect in a country where the beast is freed from the law? We can’t rely on such laws of the country, it’s better to learn the ways of self-defence to defend oneself in worst situations. The case of Nirbhaya was spine chilling, the news shivered the nation but she could not get justice posthumously.


To stop the atrocities against women, women power should be united to fight for their rights to curb the existing violence. The three ways to speak out against the atrocities towards female populace.

  1. Be bold and instantly oppose to any advances whether it’s verbal, physical or any kind of favour asked for. Don’t be afraid of the consequences or ill name in society. One has the right to live life on their own terms and are not subjected to undergo any kind of abuse. The culprit is always a culprit whosoever he is, forget the relations if he comes under any and the act calls for punishment.

  2. The parents, families, friends etc. should encourage to report the matters to the concerned authorities and never try to shield the matter. The reason for rising cases of sexual violence is just because majority of the cases goes unreported which boosts the confidence of the offenders and they attack more often, because they know they won’t be caught under the law. Never hush up the matter rather face the situation boldly and openly so that the face of culprit is recognised in the society and people are spared from those wild people.

  3. The concerned authorities of police, eminent social figures, lawyers and local public should cooperate with the victim and try to help them in the best possible way to reduce sexual violence in society and the persistent efforts by all will eradicate in the coming years.



The efforts of Amnesty International will certainly bring in fruitful result and the people who are ignorant of the laws or filing FIR will be updated and timely action can be taken against the offenders. It is an autonomous body and the cooperation from the people of our society will help this campaign to grow and eradicate the existing evil of our society and it will even change the outlook of the masses towards sexual violence against women.

To know more about Amnesty International, do visit the undermentioned link.

“I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s#KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”