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I Raised My Son by My Life Experiences! #Parenting

I became Mom, when I was waving goodbye to my late teens. I was very happy to hold my child in my arms.

I could not sum up my emotions in words, because no amount of words could suffice and express my inner happiness.

While holding M, I vowed few things; I won’t raise my hand on him, I will never scold him in moments of my anger, and will habituate him to eat all that is offered in his plate.

There were valid reasons behind these vows and I had learnt the lesson in a hard way from my life and I did not wished to repeat it in future.

Let me explain the reasons for the vows to understand what I really meant.

I was quite emotional since childhood and if I was slapped or coaxed by parents and extended family, it hurt me a lot and I used to feel bad. The feeling that sailed in my mind was, why my family don’t try to explain me coolly, when I am wrong instead of raising hand. In our time, we were raised in such an atmosphere, where questioning or reasoning with parents were not allowed, so we kept mum. 

When I conceived and was in a family way, I chose to be a parent, who can give child the freedom to express his emotion and my first rule would be to adhere to explain the things clearly to the child, instead of taking the path of slapping.

Secondly, why I vowed not to get angry with kids when I am in temper for other reasons. I was raised in a large family and my Mom had to face unlikely situations. Forty years back, DIL could not even think of answering back or making faces if scolded or remarked by elders. Not always, but there were trying moments, when we became victims of her wild temper. She felt sorry afterwards but only after we were offered on altar.

Lastly, never to encourage to become a picky eater. I was the eldest child of family and I did not eat easily. Family members allured me with my favourite food so that I could have my food. This pampering turned out to be bad for me and I survived on restricted diet of my choice. My Mom was not in a favour to encourage my habit but being raised in large joint family, she did not had much say and I got freedom to be a picky eater. When I grew up then I realized that I had to suffer during outdoor visits and literally, I used to gulp down the food which I did not prefer. In our time, we were not encouraged to speak up even if you dislike, and I know how hard it was when I visited at someone place who was not aware of my habits.

While raising my son, I had to raise hand to inculcate good habits in him and later, I realized that it wasn’t easy to spare the rod while disciplining the child. In first and second instance, I used to explain things but still if he did not co-operate, I had to break my promise to discipline him. I did raise my hand when things were out of control and I had to take care that he does not go astray from the path and I was successful in disciplining him. My big protruding eyes were enough to control him, normally.

I did stand by my two vows, never ever lost my temper on him when I was in bad mood or hurt. However tough or unfavorable situation would be, I handled them patiently and they could never judge what I was going through in the trying times.

I inculcated habit of eating everything that was offered on plate. It was not easy but I had to be strict in this term. I never cooked extra for my son. I fed him all that was cooked for everyone. In beginning, he made faces but I never bothered and gradually, he picked up the habit of eating everything that was cooked at home. This habit made him adjust in all the situations and never ever he complained. Later, he adjusted well in hostel life.

I raised my son with the experiences and lessons that I learnt from my life.

My experiences says that being Mom is a wonderful experience and a woman is full of affection for her flesh. To discipline the child, at times, she has to act as an enemy and for that she requires to be strong willed and take impartial decisions to make the life great of her child.

What was your experiences as a Mom? Did you ever face the situation that I faced or did you check your parenting style by your experiences.

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Success Don’t Step in Easily!

                                                                       Image Courtesy: here

When we catch hold of successful people around us, we vouch for the success and feel belittle in front of the roaring successful person.

We envy their style of life and class and we believe that the person enjoying success is bestowed with success or has been born with a silver spoon.

Whilst reaching near to half-century of life and glancing at the lives of many successful person, I concluded Success don’t step easily in one’s life.

It is the fruits of immense labour that one toils through by using his physical means, knowledge power, creativity, mental makeup and control on finances…and Yes…Luck favours, but it is 99% perspiration and 1% luck.

Here, through my experiences with life, I would add that the person toiling hard to achieve his aim and goal needs to be tolerant and patient. There would be days when you would feel bogged down because your plans are not turning into your favour…if you endure your failure, you are bound to succeed.

Further, there would be people around, who won’t be happy to see you toiling hard, they might be your well-wishers and their love and affection for you would weaken them seeing you marching hard…there, you need power to assimilate and carry on your mission.

Simultaneously, you will have hoard of people, who would be ever ready to discourage and disengage you from your goal, setting examples of failures who lost everything in search of success…beware of this fragment…these chunk are the opportunists and they will hover around in both the times…in tough situations and in success stories. Their statement will change as per the circumstances but they will stick with you….here, you need to act as deaf and dumb, listen to them, but fear not, rather take their charges in right spirit and vow to show them how you excel in life.

The existing billionaires of our country was born with a silver spoon but their fore-fathers weren’t. The Tata’s, Birla’s, Ambani’s etc. rose from ground and they put in extra efforts to achieve success. Even their predecessors are lurking in sunshine because they are capacitated with the power of managing an empire.

Mr. AmitabhBachchan, a living legend is regarded a successful person and certainly, he is, but if you flip the pages of his history, he had a tough phase in start of his career in films. In the middle of his successful career, he went into huge debts and tough days and his comeback as a host of KBC, improved his time and stature. Till today, he is shining and basking in glory, because of his continued efforts. Once considered an Angry Young Man, took plunge into advertisement, films, shows or you can say, he is omnipresent and enjoying success. He has a lot of health shortcomings, still his efforts to give his best never ceases.

Last week, I found success story of Choreographer, Saroj Khan and read her biography. I was shocked to know that she was married at the age of 14 to a man, who was 30 years elder to her. A remorse feeling gripped me and I could feel her pain but she did not stop and success knocked her after toiling for so many years. The choreographer, who makes people dance has come through so many hardships.

If you tap in the lives of successful people, you will come to know that the Success that seems to be flourishing is not easy to achieve. It takes time to deliver and immense effort to illustrate.

Now, let me give a live example of a successful person in my life.

My father is a veterinarian by degree, but he never practised because he was not keen into practice. Initially, he took a career of an Associate Professor in Vet. College and after few years, he managed to earn a position in a reputed AH firm in Sales & Marketing. He started from scratch and managed to establish the company with remarkable sales figures and consistent marketing of the products. His hard labour paid and he was promoted to higher position. With higher position, comes politics and he was weak in playing politics because he believed in adage, “Work is Worship.” The political game played by the fleet of people, who believed to achieve success by eavesdropping and my father became a victim of politics. He saw a doom in his career but it was short-lived but it taught him lesson to recognize people. He was offered a respectable position in a semi-govt. organization and was given a task to launch Vet. Division. His prior experience and knowledge helped him to barter success and once again, he was in leading position managing a fleet of people and he was responsible for whole India and Nepal. Many people talked about his success but very few knew how tough the ladder of success was. He started his job faring on a rickshaw and managed to drive car of his choice and dream.

Do get encouraged by the lives of Successful people, but be ready to put in your maximum efforts into it. Prepare yourself to be deaf and dumb for the people, who defy you and welcome suggestions of all.

Success isn’t that Easy as it appears.

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."

--John D. Rockefeller

Saturday, June 23, 2018

What is Safe and What’s not during Pregnancy!

Most expectant moms get worried about what is safe and what’s not during pregnancy. While being pregnant, it is important to be extra cautious about your diet, habits and daily routine. Therefore, in this blog, we have simplified some of the common confusion of the expectant moms related to the safety during pregnancy.


In general, consuming alcohol is tagged under unsafe health habits. If a pregnant woman takes a glass of wine, it will to her baby too through the placenta, which can possibly cause harm to the growing foetus. The best time to quit alcohol, of course, is when you are planning how to get pregnant. As the major development in fetus happens before the realization of pregnancy.

Verdict: Unsafe.


If you wonder that if coffee can be dangerous during your pregnancy, then according to the experts, it is not. However, an excess of anything is not good for health, and same it goes with the consumption caffeine too. A consumption in moderate quantity like one cup, which makes 300 milligrams a day, is not harmful to your fetus.

Verdict: Safe.

Asthma Inhalers

Inhalers medicine which is used when you are suffering from asthma is completely safe during pregnancy. Hence, if you are a patient with asthma and pregnant too, then it is absolutely fine to use inhalers. Avoiding inhalers can be a fatal decision as asthma restricts the adequate oxygen supply to your fetus. Consult with your obstetrician in your early trimester of pregnancy to know if any adjustment with respect to asthma medicine is needed to avoid any complications.

Verdict: Safe.

 Sleeping Aids

It is totally understandable that during pregnancy, it is difficult to have a good sleep. However, taking help of any sleeping aids is certainly not advised during pregnancy. These sleeping aids are not being tested on pregnant women and hence become harmful to your pregnancy.
It is good if you take the help of pillows or a glass of warm-milk before the bedtime for having a good rest and sleep.

Verdict:  Unsafe.


This is one of the most common confusion during pregnancy. Most of the pregnant women and their partners wonder whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy or not. Hence, if you are having a normal pregnancy, sex is completely safe for your growing fetus. Penetration and intercourse movement will not harm your baby, as he is well protected by the uterus’ muscular walls and amniotic fluid.  Moreover, these muscular walls are strong enough.

However, it is good to consult with your obstetrician to understand your pregnancy condition before enjoying intimacy with your partner.

Verdict: Safe.


According to the experts, the woman who is pregnant, breastfeeding, or even planning how to get pregnant should consume more fish. Fish is a vital source of important nutrients which includes omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and iron. These nutrients foster healthy fetal development.

However, it is recommended that pregnant women should avoid eating raw fish as it is prone to food-borne diseases.

Verdict: Safe.

Insect Repellent

Nobody wants to be bitten by an insect even by a mosquito. However, every insect repellent is composed of several chemical substances which are not safe for a pregnant woman. Hence, it is good to prefer some easy remedies to stay protected from these insects. You can use a mosquito net or sand flies while sleeping. These alternatives are the best way to prevent complications during pregnancy.

Verdict: Unsafe.

Pregnancy is full of joy and excitement; hence an extra care has to be given so as to continue excitement until 40 weeks. Feel free to consult with your doctor if you want to be sure about what is safe and what’s not during pregnancy.

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This post is a Guest Post on my Blog and the contributor is Akansha Bansal.

Lives with a notion “SIMPLE LIVING, HIGH THINKING” and have an optimistic approach towards life. Always eager to learn new things. She is founder of a Parenting website called "Budding Star".

The views expressed are of Ms. Akansha Bansal and the images have been provided by her for the post.

Disclaimer: The ideas are just mere suggestions on the basis of day-to-day experiences and to verify, cross-check with your Doctor for its authenticity.

Traditional Indian Food Contest Entry V - Sukhadi!

Shweta Mehta, a holistic Nutritionist, loves to write about Food & Health posts. She creates new innovative recipes blended with healthy and tasty components. Her recipe posts can be reached at

Let’s hear the recipe of Shweta Mehta in her own version and along with the recipe, she has shared the story behind the birth of the recipe Sukhadi and its health benefits.

The Pious Sukhadi

Sukhadi also known as Gol Papdi or Gur Papdi is the only Prasad offered to Shri Ghatakarna Mahavir Dev, at Mahudi, famous Jain temple. This ancient Jain derasar is one of the most sacred pilgrim that is nearly 2000 years old. Ghantakarna was a Warrior King called Tungabhadra in his previous birth. He was the protector of the Satis, Sadhus, Unfortunate and Devotees from the demons. Because it was this Jain deity's favourite, it's supposed to be very inauspicious to waste even a bit of Sukhadi. Once Sukhadi is offered to this deity, it is to be consumed and shared within the temple premises or can be donated to the people around. No pilgrim is allowed to take it home or out of the premises of the Temple. The Sukhadi here is the best; I’ve eaten.

In a Guajarati home, this Traditional Sweet is also called as Sukan Ni Sukhadi – as it is considered as an auspicious sweet for any new beginnings. 

It is often made during Jain Religious festival – Paryushan or Diwali. Simple Sweet Homemade Delight that tastes best when eaten Hot and can be stored in a sealed container at home.

My Mom occasionally used to fill up my Tiffin box with a piece of Sukhadi with spicy Sev or roasted Chivda. Sweet and Spicy combination to snack on for 20 mins recess. As it’s a dry sweet, it’s convenient to carry without any fuss hence best Travel Food. No wonder she made batches of these for my brother who worked overseas - yes, this one has Long Shelf Life & is a "Saviour" Food - when you would not get time to cook food. A small square of this sweet is enough to keep the hunger pangs at bay for a couple of hours.

I have made this mini platter of Sukhadi to welcome the lil bundle of Joy in my Family. 

It is made from 3 Simple Kitchen ingredients - Wheat flour, Jaggery and Ghee {clarified butter}. It is simple and quick to make. Soft in texture hence simply melts in mouth.

With changing times and to make things differently – even Sukhadi has been modified by using different flours or combination and nuts to make it more nutritious and healthy. Herby, I am sharing the authentic recipe of Sukhadi which was made by my grandma, my mom and now by me J

Sukhadi Recipe


Wheat Flour - 1/2 cup
Melted Ghee - 1/4 cup
Grated jaggery - 1/2 cup


Grate jaggery or Slice it very finely. There should not be any chunk of it. Grease a plate with ghee and set aside.

In a Pan, heat ghee and roast the wheat flour on a medium flame till the colour of wheat flour changes to golden brown and until you get a nice Aroma. Keep stirring with a spatula to avoid getting burnt. This is the Most important part or I can say heart of this recipe if perfection in roasting the flour.

Keep the flame low and add grated jaggery to this and mix well. Mix the jaggery well with the flour. Switch off the flame immediately to avoid getting your Sukhadi chewy & hard.

After you switch off the flame, stir the mixture for a second till jaggery melts completely.

Put this mixture into the ghee greased plate and level it with the back of spatula or a flat bowl. Do it quickly while it is hot.

After 5 minutes, cut it into square or diamond shape using a knife. Leave it aside for 10 minutes.

You can sprinkle few Julienned Almonds/Pistachios or Cashewnut/Apricot Halves. Store it in a sealed container and Enjoy.

Health Benefits of Sukhadi

 Instant Energy Booster food after any Sport.

Regain the lost Energy after or during any illness or febrile condition.

As it is Nutrient densed, it is best for growing kids.

 It helps to gain Weight and Strength for Underweight or Malnourished kids.

Healthy Nutrition for Pregnant/Lactating Moms that gives Satiety.

 It helps to stay warm on cold and rainy days.

Saturated Fat in ghee helps increase your absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E, and K.
Dear Readers, please try this recipe at your end and do share your experiences. The pics of recipe is shared by Shweta Mehta, a Food Blogger & a Nutritionist.

We will love to hear from you. 😆😆

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Finally, I Decided to Let it Go!

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Off & on, my mobile beeped with a message, “Low Space.”

I clicked to delete the files but my fingers did not race much to erase. Gallery was full of images, some captured by me, some transferred by FB messenger, What Sapp images by friends and relatives.

I scrutinized them regularly but could not fathom courage to delete them or transfer in my laptop, I was indecisive.

Same was the condition with my mobile contact list, overloaded with numbers of support staff to friends, friend’s relative, well-wishers, associates and Who not, carpenter, shopwallah, autowallah and all wallah’s who came to my rescue even once in a lifetime.

My both Sim memory was full, phone memory was in suffocation…but I the stubborn, did not dare to delete or share on my Google Drive and the bare excuse, I had that I might need them in urgency.

Regarding images, I had transferred maximum on my laptop, still I kept most of them especially quotes, images of my children and the clicks that I captured of nature. All were close to my heart and I did not want to lose any.

Now, my mobile phone started acting weird just like me. It consumed battery in few hours and in mid-way of my daily shopping or to market, my mobile ran out of battery and went dead.

I make sure that my mobile is in working state when I go for shopping or out of house, so that I can reach my people if required in case of emergency or if I need any assistance of any sort.

I sought advice from few of my close accomplice and they suggested me to format.

One evening, I was sitting idle and that day, I made up my mind to format the phone at any cost so that it breathes easily and don’t go dead even after been charged up to optimum.

I asked one of my subordinate to help me in formatting.

He asked me if I had contact numbers saved in my Gmail account and I nodded in affirmative without paying much heed to what actually he said. The same he asked for other stored details and I said…LET IT GO.

He punched the button to format and till I realized I had not saved all, ALL WAS GONE IN ONE GO.

Now, I started asking figuratively, is this there in the phone or not and he laughed out loud and said that your reaffirmation made me to format without saving.

I was in melancholy for some time and felt sorry for the details that I had lost and was in distress n despair.

Suddenly, realization set in and an inner conscience spoke aloud, “Hey, what are you doing? Moaning at materialistic things. Pause and think, what all you have lost in past and did they stop you from moving forward?”

I accepted that at times, it is better to release the things that we have captivated for long and not able to let it go. All things materialistic or non-materialistic, life or lifeless have a fixed span of life and one day, we have to LET IT GO.

My mobile was not breathing properly because it was bowed down and it called for free space to respond else it would have collapsed one day, earlier than its assumed life span.

Now, I feel, the action taken was Right else I would have never allow to release if it would have been under my control. I was so obsessed.

Now, my mobile is not panting with heavy breaths and is amicable with me.

This LET IT GO practice made me realize that it is not so difficult to part ways but in our thoughts, we are so much screwed up that we don’t dare to take risk of losing.

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