Sunday, March 25, 2018

Save Planet, Save Life by Saving Water! #CuttingPaani #Livpure


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Water is essential for each life on Earth. Day by day, water is becoming scarce commodity and if not utilized scarcely, the coming generations might face severe  water scarcity. The safe and clean water level is affected due to global warming, rising population, changes in weather conditions, drying up of rivers, wastage of water by humans, overuse of boring wells, deforestation etc.

Earth will never run out of water, though it forms may undergo changes. The concern is of disappearance of safe and hygienic source of water because water pollution is on rise due to untreated sewage and industrial wastes drained in water bodies.

Scientists are lot concerned on the water scarcity issue and it is been assumed that in coming years, there would be scarcity of water at a alarming level.

Life thrives on water, so you can just imagine what life would be in scarcity of clean and safe water for daily use. Polluted water will breed in mosquitoes and insects and will pave way for water borne diseases and infections.

Water is used for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing, irrigation, agriculture, industrial usages, and watering of plants.

#CuttingPaani is a noble initiative of Livepure to save drinking water for safe and hygienic living, far away from infections and water pollution diseases.

I would brief you about my practice in daily life to save water and would request all to adhere to these simple steps to save water for future posterity.

I have traveled to different places of India and have confronted with the shortage of water and was compelled to live in scarcity.

I basically belong to Bihar, where still water is in abundance compared to other towns and cities. The people of Bihar used it profusely a few decades ago. When I was transferred to Bangalore in 90’s and had to stay for a decade, I knew the real worth of water.

Only four days in a week, water was there in taps and we had to conserve in all small and big utensils and buckets to meet the daily requirements of cooking, drinking, bathing and toilets. Washing was left on those dry days, when not a single drop dripped from the taps. In worst case, we had to get water tankers to fill the sump. At that time, realization set in about the importance of water.

I changed my style of using water and included few steps in my regimen and still I stick to it, irrespective of wherever I am stationed.

 One bucket of water for bathing: I make a point to use only one bucket of water for taking bath and ask my other family members to use only one bucket.

Use small water glasses for kids: I handover water in small glasses to kids of family and guests to avoid wastage of water.

Store drinking water in bottles: I make a point not to waste drinking water by taking only required amount in glass for water consumption. In one go neither do I take full glass of water nor give to my family members and guests. I keep the bottles beside glass and ask them to pour as much as it is required by them. Many scorn at my idea, then I explain the water scarcity scene that we faced in Bangalore.

Use stored water for washing cooking edibles: I don’t wash cooking edibles under running water because a huge amount of water is wasted, so use stored water. I store the used water to water my plants and it saves water and my plants keep healthy.

Wash bathroom by using cloth rinsing water: Cleanliness is next to godliness and I don’t throw water of rinsed clothes, rather I use to clean my bathrooms and toilets. The purpose of cleaning is solved as well as water wastage is lessened.

Conservation of Rain Water: During monsoon season, we conserve water and use them for watering of plants, washing open areas and vehicles, washing clothes and even, we take bath from conserved water.

Schools & Institutions, NGO's and Govt. bodies should initiate to teach masses about water conservation through special awareness programs and should come forward to start rain harvesting program in each city to save precious water. Water is our Life.

Nowadays, billboards, news and magazines, ads on digital platform are flooded with continuous warning to use water efficiently, fearing heavy water scarcity in coming future.

The issue of water is alarming and we need to curb water usage and efficient use will save us from facing scarcity of water.

I am doing my part to save water and if each of us improve our habit of using water, we can save ourselves from water scarce and live a healthy and happy life.

The video clipping of #CuttingPaani is intriguing and acquaints us with the importance of water in our life and each drop of water holds importance in our life.

To save our planet, we need to plant more greenery around and use less energy to combat global warming.

I have signed my petition and now it's your turn to sign.

Every time someone leaves a glass of water unfinished, it results in wastage. #CuttingPaani is an ideology that helps us all champion change in our daily lives.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Gripping First Poster of Subedar Joginder Singh sets the internet on FIRE!

Upcoming biopic of the brave soldier, the Param Vir Chakra recipient, Subedar Joginder Singh has always wooed the audiences with its par excellence releases. If we retrospect, the very first look of Gippy Grewal, from the film had stormed the internet then. Today, with the release of the first official poster from the film, it has once again banged the digital world!

The first poster from the film looks gripping, and has mounted the expectations with regards to the film.The much talked about film, Subedar Joginder Singh, is the biopic of the brave soldier who was commanding a platoon of 21 Sikh soldiers, and got martyred while combating thousands of Chinese during the Sino-Indian War of 1962. His undying spirit and unabated courage is a true inspiration for all.

He was decorated with the highest wartime gallantry award Param Vir Chakra, posthumously.

The film has been shot at the vulnerable terrains of Drass, Kargil, Guwahati, and in the melting temperature of Suratgarh. The makers are all set to release the trailer of the film on 8th March, 2018.

Film will hit the silver screens on April 6, 2018 worldwide.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Tread in Style with Craftsvilla Trendy Handbags! #Fashion

Women and girls are very possessive about their handbags and purses. It depicts her privacy as she carries her intimate things in her handbags apart from currency that she requires to flatter herself or it comes handy in case of urgency. 

Bags and purses have been intimate to her since more than 100 years and initially, they carried ornamented piece of pouch, close to their skin. With the passage of time, there was a great progression in the design and size of handbags and different materials started been used for carving out beautiful and useful Handbags, an essential accessory of a woman. Today, it is an imperative accessory of a woman wardrobe and varied range of handbags are available in the market of different contours, sizes, colors and price. You can pick and choose that accommodates your requirements or match with your perfection and style.

Handbags are useful for all, irrespective of age and sex, but a woman’s handbag reflects her personality. The age when women got liberated and started enjoying financial independence and freedom, her requisites of handbags changed. She has different bags for different occasions in her possession. One handbag is not enough for her, she has different for office venture, outing, and party and for casual and formal occasions. In all her bags, toiletries are common as she feels incomplete without them and certainly they come handy when she has to venture out on unplanned outings or meetings.

In today’s parlance and trend, handbags are not only a carrier of currencies and intimate articles, it is a reflection of women’s personality, status, dignity, fashion savvy and freedom. The importance of handbags have accentuated with time. People more often freak out on tours and travels due to easier connectivity of air, sea, and land network and the market of handbags saw explosion of demands to carry their possessions.

A woman handbag is her private closet which holds her personal belongings such as lipsticks, eyeliner, tampons, keys, hair styling gel etc. along with money. She is very passionate of her handbags and hate intruders, who accidentally try to delve in her property. Her passion makes her choosier when it comes to selection of a handbag for her use and she chooses delicately just as she chooses her lingerie. Her choice speaks volumes of her passion.

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