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More Indian than you think #Indicontest

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I am proud to be an Indian....Vande Mataram.

When I was in school and when too many constraints were put on us then I thought that we are living in the conservative society and the Americans are the better. They have liberal attitude and parents and society don’t coax much as India. Gradually when I grew up and discovered more about foreign countries then I concluded that I was living in one of the best country where we have freedom to choose our religion and faith, doctrine and dogmas and no religion is imposed on us.

The traditions and cultures are unique of our country and is quite scientific. In primitive days, people were not educated so the scientific process to be followed was presented before the people in the name of religion. Basically, it is the science that has positive effects on human body.

I believe India is the only country which is diverse and there is Unity in Diversity and together it is a myriad of hues. The traditions, food & dressing habits and cultures differ from one place to another and the lifestyle adopted is according to the local climate and weather of the place.

In North, people keep the broom on floor whereas in South, people keep the broom upright. Upright broom in North is regarded as inauspicious and South people consider inauspicious if broom is kept on the floor. The basic reason behind this custom, I feel that it is due to the weather of the place. In South, the weather is moderate so keeping it on the floor will damage the broom. This is one example.

The Ayurveda had its advent in our land and the herbs used are mainly found in our country and today, Ayurveda healing is practiced all over the world. The people in abroad come to India to learn Ayurveda medicines….This is what India is.

Family system and stable marriages are the virtues of Indian thought. In many parts of the world, family system does not exist. As soon as the children attain the age of adulthood, they move to live independent and are not bothered about the welfare of their parents. No doubt, excellent facilities exists to take care of the ailing and needy but personal touch is missing whereas in India, relationships exist on personal touch.
In India, it is believed that Marriages are made in heaven, hence it is seen as a sacred institution and the marriage is not just the affair of a couple. Marriage is between the two families and all are connected with each other. The couple and the family leaves no stone unturned to save the marriage in case there is conflict. The marriage is disintegrated when there is no way of reconciliation…Indian mentality so concerning and so pious.

Despite urbanization and joint family disintegration, still the family members take care of each other when someone is in financial crisis or emotional disturbance. This personal touch adds grace to relationships and the bond of connection is strong.
Even one is ill or is suffering from chronic illness, family members take care of the ailing person. Money can buy nursing care but the care by the relatives boost the morale of the person and the person is healed in less time.

I am proud of my country and I feel proud to be called Indian. And we are more Indian than we are thought to be.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Safe & Pleasurable!!! #Condom usage in India

Sex is essential for procreation as well as recreation. To enjoy safe sex and for sexual wellness, one need to adopt method of contraception and one of the safe method is usage of condoms to be free from worries of conceiving or transmitting STD diseases.

Condom is regarded as one of the safe methods and its simple application makes it more popular among the masses across the globe.

This method of contraception is not new, it’s in vogue since 400 years, though it was not sophisticated or easy to use as it is today, but still there are lot of inhibitions and stigma attached to it. It is not very easy for the people to procure from the shops, though it is easily available at most of the shops.

There is a taboo attached to the purchase of condoms. Everyone is familiar with it but if still one tries to buy or enquire about it, many faces turn up towards the person who asks for it and the person is regarded as bad or immoral and that’s the reason that people evade from buying from outlets near to their home or in neighbourhood.

Many times, people walk miles to buy condoms for themselves as people feel embarrassed to buy one.

Our society of today is literate but still the matter of sex is discussed in hushed tone and people turn crimson on discussion of the same; even the outright person avoids such circumstances.
Finally, the Online Condoms Shops have come to the rescue of the masses from where they can purchase any brand of condom without turning pink or evading the eyes of onlookers.

This online portal offers varieties to choose from according to their wants and desires and affordability. There are range of products available of Sexual wellness and one has ample time in privacy to choose the products of their choice.

This online portal of Online Condom Shops has brought cheers to the couples and menfolk where they can place the orders without any embarrassments or fears and the best part and parcel of this portal is that the identity of the buyer is withheld and the packing is so discreet that onlookers can’t make it that it carries condom till it is not opened…so now no grins and no glaring eyes.
It is directly delivered to the address of the buyer and the buyer does not need to disclose its personal details for procuring online condoms.

The portal is very user friendly and the condoms and sexual wellness products of all the brands are available on this portal and at the click of the button, you can choose from the drop down menus and get it delivered at your location. It is a hassle free procedure.

Online portal has been introduced to overcome the inhibitions that men & women went through while procuring the sexual wellness products and in lack of it, there was great progression in termination of unwanted pregnancies & high incidence of AIDS & STD and men are more vulnerable to it owing to unprotected sex in India.

To counter the embarrassments & lack of knowledge, online portal has been introduced to counteract the issues and to ensure that Indian men get habituated to this concept of safe and pleasurable sex without any worries or fears.

Other than Condoms, to add zing in your sex life, one can purchase lubricating gels of different brands which aids to heighten the excitement in sex among males & females and vibrating rings are available for the females which helps them to arouse and attain orgasm in females easily and both the partners can equally cherish the ecstasy of sexual life and this online portal is of immense help for the Indian youth and couples who are more in numbers in our country compared to other countries.

The Lubricating gels are available in different flavors and in different sizes for both male and female counterpart and it can be used while indulging in foreplay, an important affair before getting ready for the copulation. These gels are basically formulated to arouse both the sexes.

The vibrating rings are designed to arouse females during foreplay to enjoy sex thereafter.

The Condoms comes in different colors, designs, size and flavors and one can secretly choose their choice and enjoy the act with no inhibitions.

The Condom makes the sexual act safe and pleasurable with no fears of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Explore the website for more details.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Are you Just With Your Children? #AtoZChallenge

Many times, we come across such parents who favour one child more than the other. I feel very bad for those kids and I believe that been unjust, the parents are creating a strife between the siblings.

It is not healthy for the children, it stunts their emotional growth and inferiority complex envelops them.

Many times, I wonder as to why parents differentiate between their children when all are their own offspring.

In many families, younger ones are more pampered and elder one is shelved with responsibility though the difference between the siblings are only two to three years.
At times, the sincere or studious kid is pampered or is the centre of attraction.

Through my article, I wish to address to all the parents to be JUST with their kids.

All are your offspring, the same pain you have undergone to bring them to this world, so justified treatment should be given to all.

Treat all the kids alike and give them the same opportunity.

Don’t compare the children, complex develops within the child and it affects their personality. Even sibling rivalry develops among the children.

Parents or other members of the family should take care to treat all alike in spite of differences in their persona & presentation.

I believe the kid who is weak needs more care than the sincere ones. Push your child to do better.

Your encouraging words will bring in a lot of positive changes.

Don’t bully them or discourage them.

The elder one is too a kid, two three years difference doesn’t make him a man, hence responsibility should not be loaded rather it is should be well distributed among them and they will take as a challenge to complete n will rather enjoy doing it.

A child who fetches good numbers in class or is a bright student is more cared by the parents than the other one who is average in studies. The disparity among children should be abolished.

Parents, do justice in sharing your love towards your children.

Justified treatment will enhance the persona of the children and they will grow into independent entity with healthy mind & positive thoughts.

Children with positive thoughts are an asset to the society too and we can hope for safe environment in society.

I believe that the frustrated souls are the species who create nuisance in society by indulging in eve teasing, murder, rape etc.

Parents love and care is the important ingredient in the life of a child and the basic care and affection moulds their personality.

Do you support my view?

Pl leave your comments.


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Musings XII


Bookish knowledge helps you to gain numbers

The knowledge of worldly affairs outnumbers.

One should not be bookworm. Been bookish will not help the person to rule in the world. One need to have practical knowledge to compete with the world. You can get a job based on numbers but you can't fare well in the organisation if you are not competent to tackle the situations.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Musings XI

#Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.
Wish to see the changes

in the dictum of our laws.

Cases are pending long in courts

Innocents are often behind the bars

Waiting for the justice

The culprits move freely.

In wait of justice

One or two generation perish

But the case is not resolved.

In India, judiciary is very slow in pronouncing sentences to culprits. In the wait of justice, many innocent perish behind the bars and the culprits enjoy the liberty of freedom. It is the need of the hour to amend the laws and bring in changes in absolving the cases in minimum time.



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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Musings X

Watching him messing with food

I went into the flashback

When I used to mess around

And he used to clean out

And acted stern to not repeat it again.

Now he does & I clean

Making him understand as a child not to repeat it again.

It makes me cry at the irony of life.

#Parkinson #oldage #ironyoflife #suffering #life



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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Independent #AtoZChallenge

How to make your child Independent?

Independent child is a virtue to the parents and society if they are raised in a right manner. A parents gives the right to independence to the child with a belief that the child will use it in a right manner. The responsibility lies on the child to keep up the faith.

Recently, I visited one of my friend and saw that she was busy in taking care of the chores of the child, who was near about 14-15 years.

I was quite puzzled and thought for a while whether to give sermon to my friend or not on the way she was treating her child.

She was over protective and over caring and this over care had spoiled the child, he was totally dependent on his Mom for all of his activities.

His school was nearby home, still she accompanied him in the morning and recess hours. She would feed him, helped him in his school work and again accompanied to play ground.

I couldn’t stop myself and blurted out in front of her child.

“What are you doing Maya? You are spoiling Yash. Raise him as an individual entity and let him grow and handle things on his own. He is no more a small child, give me some space. Even the moms of small children don’t follow their children as you do.” I said.
“It’s my love, Dear.” Maya said.

“This is not love, love gives freedom to be independent, this is your fear and it has made you over possessive. Even I love my children more than my life but have given space to grow and have made them so independent that even if I am not in house, they can manage themselves well.”

I told her the ways to handle growing child and how to make them independent.

As the child grows, start giving him responsibility and freedom to handle things on their own. They will learn through trial n error method and in that process they may keep you on toes to clean the mess but gradually they will pick up the habits and settle.

Once they start kindergarten, ask them to keep their tiffin & water bottle in their bags and while returning ask them to stack at the designated place.

This habit will help him to arrange their books in next classes and be methodical.

If the school is nearby, let them go by themselves when they reach the age of 10. At this age, they are matured to cross the road and manage themselves. Initially, if you have fears, follow them and watch how the child is managing and gradually wean him out of the habit.

Stop feeding them. Give them their food and let them eat on their own. Your work of cleaning may double initially but slowly, he will get into the habit.

Ask them to do their homework on their own. Help them where they stuck. Don’t provide the answers, teach the technique to reach at the answer, this way the child will use his brain and be independent.

Teach them activity of outside world too with age. 

Slowly teach them how to interact at Post offices, Doctor’s Clinic, Banks etc. They will learn how to transact and will become independent and confident.

Teach them to iron their school uniforms and arrange their bags and beds.

They will grow into confident individuals and you too will have time to pursue your hobbies or take rest after hectic schedule.

Maya understood my point and promised that she will abide by the same and transform Yash to a confident and independent child.

Moms…ensure to teach your child the practical life and make them independent in thought and actions and guide them on the right track to ascertain their happy future.

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Hacker #AtoZChallenge

The woman is reborn when she becomes a mother. Howsoever careless she was, the day she cuddles her bundle of joy, she becomes responsible, caring and her heart is full of love. Her day starts with the child and her night ends with her child. She is so obsessed to give her child all the wonderful things of the world.

She is always on the spree how to make her motherhood enjoyable and devises ways to achieve them and there she becomes Mom-Hacker.

To spend more time with her child, she discovers shortcut method to comply with the demands as a Mother, wife and at times as a daughter-in-law.
God made woman very strong from inside and she is used to multi-tasking. Woman power is often associated with Devi Durga and she has the ability of Devi to handle multiple things at one time, still she desires to apply few shortcuts to meet the demand of the situation.

The morning hours are hectic when the kids are young, you need multiple hands to juggle between school and office timings plus getting oneself ready to leave the kids to the bus stop. One has to run around packing tiffin’s, getting them dressed and fed, taking out the office dress of husband.


To manage those errands in a smooth manner, I adopted few kitchen hacks to get relieved in the morning hours and to control my temperament which gets on high on pressure of too many work at the same time.
In the night, kids slept early and I had ample time to arrange the things for morning chores.

  • I prepared the dough at night and stored in the fridge.

  • The vegetables to be prepared next morning were cut and washed at night.

  • Ironed the dresses of my kids and hubby and hung in the designated wardrobe from where they could take themselves without troubling me.

  • The shoes were polished.

This organised structure eased my morning schedules and I was cool n happy watching things run in a smooth manner. My cool temperament kept the family members at ease and they remained happy.


A homemaker is in trouble when uninvited guests pour in and it adds more distress if your maid is absent. To encounter it coolly, I store Cold drinks & juices in refrigerator. I prepare Aam panna and store in bottles, ready to serve with mint. It is refreshing drink in summers. I store ready to make coffee blends to prepare hot and cold coffee as per the climate.

For winters, I store homemade cookies, both sugary & salty and besan laddoos to serve the guests.


On birthdays & anniversary, I believe to throw a party with homemade servings. I love cooking and serving, it’s quite refreshing for me. I feel happy to entertain people with my cooked food. But we need a proper planning to make the guests & oneself comfortable.

  • Cut the required vegetables and store neatly in the fridge

  • Fry the kebabs twelve hours before the party.

  • Marinate non-veg 12 hours prior to party.

  • Knead the required dough for puris.

  • Prepare custards and ice-cream a day before to serve cool servings.

  • Check your kitchen store and buy the lacking items one to two day before. Don’t wait for last minute.

  • Grind the required masalas and fry them 12 hours before the party.

  • Wash the cutleries a day before the party.

  • Change the linen and prior to the covers two days party day.

  • Decide your dress a week before and if you need something, buy. 

If the above things are done before the D-day, you and your guests will enjoy the party. Your smiles will give warm welcome to your guests and your organised party will be appreciated by all. My style of throwing party is mentioned above in detail.


  • Cleaning and maintaining cleanliness is a tough job and needs a lot of planning. 
Instead of doing all the things in a day, divide the cleaning jobs.

  • I have divided my cleaning chores throughout the weekdays excluding Sundays. Sundays are for family and the kids have freedom to mess.

  • One room is cleaned every day and it goes in rotation.

  • In morning hours, there is a lot of rush so I run my washing machine in noon during winters and in late evenings in summers.

  • I clean my bathroom daily and the rest of the family members do the same. This way the bathroom is always clean n dry.

  • Dusting is done every day to ward off dusts and mites.

These hacks reduces the burden and the work is done with ease. Scheduling and doing things in routine eases troubles and we tend to leave a stress free life.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Musings IX

People enter the temple to beg for heaven

ignoring the beggars at the entrance of the temple.

If you really wish to avail heaven in your life

Help the real needy people.

Instead of donating money & jewelry to temples

Donate the same to educate the child of an unprivileged.

Heaven or Hell is on the Earth

Your deeds decide your Fate.

People throng in temples requesting God to help them to attain peace and prosperity and donate lots & lots so that their requests are heard.

My belief is that if you feed a thirsty, your action will be rewarded but if you feed a satiated person, there is no value of your deed.

Heaven or Hell both are on Earth and your Karma decides your future.



Thank You!


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Musings VIII


We need to be thankful for what we have, but do we do or feel so...very few. Many take it as their own creation and don't fathom to give the credit to others. It's true the creativity that one creates is his own power but what about the powers that we are enjoying for free and the source is natural and free, not a single penny is charged for enormous facility...what is that...The natural resources that we are using in our daily life, Sunlight; Moonlight; Breeze & Water.

Just imagine a day without sunlight, water and will not sustain how hard the human  intelligentsia  works for we should extend our gratitude to the unseen creator who has crafted this world so beautifully regulating with ample resources and we should take care that we use it in a gentle way to reserve for the posterity.Life would have been dull without these natural resources.

I am thankful to God for the beautiful nature around and his creations.


Thank You!


Monday, April 10, 2017

Mama Earth Products Reviews. #Childcare

Once again, I am back with more range of products of Mama Earth for the babies and for the moms and even senior citizens can use.

A unique product which caters the need of all generations and especially the product is derived from nature, thereby reducing the risk of the ill effects of synthetic products.

The efficacy of the product is astounding.

This month, we got Three products of Mama Earth to review.

  • Mama Earth Natural Insect Repellent Spray. 

  • Mama Earth Diaper Rash Cream.

  • Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies.

 I don’t believe in using sprays for bugs and mosquitoes for the children or myself but when I read the leaflet of the product, my worries were at bay and decided that it can be used during the change of seasons and on the onset of summers to save them from bites from insects, gnats & mosquitoes.

Product Description:  This product contains natural essential aromatic oils, Citronella, Peppermint & Lemon eucalyptus and the smell is great for the babies though pungent for the mosquitoes and they swiftly run away after spray. The product is free from Deet, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum, synthetic fragrances & dyes.

Usage:  Shake well before every use. Do not apply on cuts & wounds.

The next product that is used abundantly is the Mama Earth Diaper Rash Cream. It comes to rescue in the initial years 0 to 2 years when the babies use Diapers and rashes appear on the soft skin of the babies. Diaper Rash cream smoothens the skin of the babies and it leaves the skin soft & supple. It should be used twice or thrice a day, after wiping the nappy area dry. The action of the product is very fast & it provides rapid relief.

Product Description:  This product is zinc oxide based, non-petroleum, natural goodness of Shea butter, Calendula extract, Wheat germ, Almond & Olive oil. The product is free from the harmful chemicals, that is, it has no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum, synthetic fragrances or dyes.

The last product that I am reviewing today is Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies. It has come up with the sunscreen lotion for the babies which can save them from getting sunburns or skin been damaged by the sun heat. Now the baby can enjoy outings on the beaches by getting covered by this product. While going out in the sun, apply a layer of the product on the face of your baby and you.

Product Description:  It is especially formulated for the babies and it is SPF 20+ and it contains active minerals, Shea butter, Calendula extract, Wheatgerm, Almond & Olive oil and the best part of this product is that it does not contains Octycelene, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum or synthetic fragrances or dyes.

Buy from AmazonFirst Cry & Nykaa

My Ratings: 4.5/5

Word of Caution: Before using the product, don’t forget to do a patch test on your baby.

I received the PR samples and I used it on myself & my niece and found the result positive and was happy with the products response.

Reviewed By Ila Varma.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Growing Up #AtoZChallenge

Growing old means growing wiser with each passing day. This is quite true for the people who have passed the teenage era.

The transition phase of a child from childhood to entry in teens and surpassing teens is very crucial and needs lot of parental care & patience to deal with the child in those phases.

When the kid is below nine or ten, you can handle his tantrums by been lenient or strict as the situation demands but as he steps on to the threshold of teens, the circumstances demand specific technique to handle them.

The reason is that there are so many physiological & biological changes in the child that the child itself is confused at the changes and it is not easy for them to accept the changes and they become irritant and the interference from parents or guardians acts like oil in fire.

Along with the major transformations, they feel that they are grown up individuals and they start demanding attention and they wish that their voices are heard, so emotional outburst are the common phenomena of this age.

It is very difficult to tackle the children at this age and it requires lot of patience and tactics to handle them.

How to handle the growing wizards?

First and foremost, the parents need to be patient and friendly with the child and handle their tantrums tactfully.

Stop nagging and interfering, rather develop the habit of listening what the child need to say.

Even if the child is wrong or you dislike his way of doing things, don’t be straightforward showing your reluctance rather make him understand by citing examples.

This is the age when the interest develops in opposite sex and don’t stop the child from making friends of opposite sex rather persuade him to be friendly.

Persuade your child to bring his friends at home and you too be friendly with his friends, this way, you would know what company your child keeps and you can weed out the unwanted by making him understand things.

Children in pre-teens or late teens are not easy nuts to crack, they need a lot of smothering and the child should have confidence in you.

In this tender age, parents need to watchful; act as a spy but the child should not know that their movements are watched, that is the trick of parenting in this age.

Drop the anger, attitude and rod in this phase of child’s life, your perseverance will help him to grow into healthy individuals.

You don’t need to rush else your child will be on right track.

In this age, child develops interests in sports & movies, start idol worship or can indulge in puppy love.

The parents need to nurture the endurance capacity to watch their child doing cumbersome things and don’t react to it. Your reaction can misfire.

Develop friendly terms with your child, accompany them to movies and restaurants and allow them to interact with their friends.

Any strict rule and regulation can spoil your child.

Allow them to indulge in their hobbies along with studies and discipline him to manage time.

Time management is important.

How I managed my children?

I reared my child in this simple way.

Even if I disliked their ways, I never reacted rather explained them through examples of real life stories and movies.

I gave them freedom to enjoy all the goodies of life but in a disciplined way.

There were fixed hours for playing, regular studies, reading comics and novels, watching TV shows and indulging in their hobbies and in extra time, they helped me in my chores.
I befriended their friends of both the sex, went out for movies, exhibitions and outings in weekends and holidays and gave them their pocket money to handle their monetary affairs.

This way, they learnt financial management and even saved few pennies from the meager amount that was provided to them for enjoying the outings.

Even the days were fixed for playing video games in video parlours and enjoying ice creams once or twice in a week.

I kept my promises, never ditched them.

I gave them the liberty to bring his girl friends at home so that I could judge their equation.

I used to tip toe in their bedrooms as a spy and monitored their each and every movement and guided them accordingly.

My children are my good friends and now they are working and independent but still we three celebrate the bond of our friendship.

I request the parents to handle your pre-teens and teens with great care and give them the liberty bonded by discipline so that they can fully enjoy their life and you too remain calm that your child is on right track.

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Musings VII


I was hurt & sobbing

You gave your shoulder to cry.

I was high after drinks

You cleaned me dry.

I was angry & abused you in public

Still you defended me.

Who are you, Dear?

How you are so patient?

He clasped me hard in his arms and said

"I am your best friend and I don't judge you. Once we are friends, will always be friends and you don't need to be formal, I have accepted you as you are."

Tears washed his fears.




Thank You!


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Friday, April 7, 2017

Food Habits #AtoZChallenge

Common complain of Mothers is that they are fed up with the food habits of their child and whenever Moms gather, they try to discuss and exchange opinions about food habits of their children and all confronts the same issue that there child does not eat much or she has to spend hours in front of TV, computer or mobile to feed them.

I was watching the mothers fret and fume. I was out of the circle because my kids are now grown up individuals and now they pamper me with my favourite food.

I was the mute spectator.

After watching them helpless, I started my lecture and asked them to change their style first rather than blaming the child.

All was aghast and few laughed at my advice.

“Ma’am, you are out of the problem now, so you are blaming us.” They said in unison.

“I never faced problem with my kids in rearing or feeding them.” I told them the truth.

The reason was simple.

While rearing my child, I never forgot my childhood and the issues that I had faced in my childhood and made it a point not to repeat the mistake that I had confronted in my life due to over pampered.

I was born after losing my elder sibling, that too a boy. The whole family of extended family members waited for my arrival and when I arrived, I was over pampered by my father & grandparents. My mother couldn’t dare to put me right and there I missed the right flight.

I was given, what I demanded and I was fed what I desired, either it was prepared at home or bought from restaurant. The direct result was that I preferred to eat very few vegetables, more focus was on non-veg items and tongue tickling savouries.

I was totally spoilt and my food habits were erratic.

When I grew up, I faced lot of issues in eating at relatives or friends place because I never preferred the food that was presented on my dish and this irritated me.
When I became mother, I vowed not to repeat the mistake that my elders had done and was quite strict in food habits.

My advice for Mothers:

  • Never cook separate meals for your children, feed them that is cooked in the house.

  • When he starts eating, spread the dish in front of him and let him eat. Mothers don’t offer food to kids fearing mess around. He will surely mess around but will learn to eat in the long run, stop coaxing children.

  • In the beginning, child won’t eat what you cook but when there won’t be any alternative, they will start eating all the stuff.

  • If kid is not ready to eat, don’t feed forcefully, gradually they will turn wild and will adopt irritating behaviour. When the child will be hungry, he will eat.

  • Act as a child in the company of your child, you will enjoy his tantrums and the child will become your close friend in the long run.

Try to adopt these and watch the difference in you and your child, both will be happy.


Thank You.


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