Friday, April 15, 2016

Earn while you Shop with Dealsnprice

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My friend had briefed me about the site, but I did not pay much heed to her advice. Now, I feel I missed a lot.
Anyway, now there is no looking back and the whole credit goes to my friend.
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The portal is user friendly. 
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The website is helping us in Price Comparison of the products, it is a great thing. For the people like me who are more concerned about Quality and Price, it is very beneficial. Within the precincts of my cozy room,I come to know about the prices of different brands and it helps me in purchasing the item. In a way, it is creating awareness among the masses of the trend and price of products in the market. It is your choice from which website you are shopping, be it Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Pepperfry etc.
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The apps have helped him a lot and he mostly tunes in through his mobile.
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Don’t wait, register to dealsnprice  and sail into the world of online shopping & grab the offers and discounts on your favorite store and I am sure that you will thank me profusely for making you aware of this portal and apps.
Enjoy Indulging in Shopping!

Impressions– #A to Z Challenge 2016


Impressions of you

Imprinted on my heart

It's etched so deep


Time cannot erase

© Ila Varma 11-04-2016

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Ila Varma

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Thursday, April 14, 2016


The inner voice that arises within me.
As we climb the ladders of life...head held high and with sparkling joy in our heart...we assumed that hay days are over and it's a time for merry making..... unknown that the days are going to difficult than before...we felt the load of books a burden...a control of parent's eye as if they are prying in our privacy and it felt that we were puppet in the hands of parents and we just acted on the tip of their many do & don'ts to follow which spoiled our childhood and teens age...and within us we dream t that the day we will achieve our dream then we will be loosen from the strings of hold & will carelessly enjoy each moment of life in our own way ...ignorant that with the fulfillment of our hopes & aspirations we will be bounded as labor and will be a puppet in the hands of our boss and leaders...parents bonded us with love and care...... but in this race ...we were burdened with peer pressure..senior pressure....and somewhere the pressure of society and family to do this juncture I feel that the loads of books were a joy that cannot be reeled back...and it was a careless life..with no botheration....this joy of independence mars my life..snatches the smile of my face...inspite of currency loaded in wallet & ATM cannot take time out to watch movies..go for shopping..enjoy with friends...all my colleagues who were once easily accessible is bound under the demand of job...rustling to reach to the top...concerned to get remarkable score in appraisal's meet the demands of leader at much to manage..dress management, time has become a total package of management's.....when I look down the lane of memories .... I feel to achieve more and more...I left back my joys which was to be enjoyed...even now I think that I should live life at the fullest b'coz no two moments are same...and again I don't miss the OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE & ENJOY....Life cannot be rewind so live each second of that you don't regret later on life. KEEP SMILING


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Ila Varma
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Limerick #Dark


The dark clouds are ready to burst

To quench the parched earth’s thirst

I love the pitter patter of incessant raindrops

To inhale the musky aroma of earth that crops

Each spurts will write a verse.

© Ila Varma 12-04-2016

Limerick Challenge Week 15

Monday, April 11, 2016

Haste– #A to Z Challenge 2016


Don't walk in haste

You will lose the life's taste

Amble slowly

tasting the fruits

of the seeds sown.

It's time to reap

the favors

the power you invested in.

In haste

all things go in waste.

© Ila Varma 09-04-2016

It's good to be on time but I hate people who are in a hurry. I believe that it is a status of mind to be in hurry. In hurry, you are liable to incur more mistakes. Remain Cool and taste the elixir of life.


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Ila Varma

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Sweet Dream- #WOW


My friends asked me to come to Nilgiri Hills, Bangalore for a weekend party at 7pm. As planned, I started for the same and reached the planned place on time but there I found none of my friends. I waited for some time thinking that out of curiosity, I have landed before time and shortly they will join. I tried to connect my friends Abhi and Ketan but could not connect due to network connectivity.

I parked my bike on one side of the road and started playing games. After half an hour, a message blinked on my mobile to walk towards the hill and there is a surprise for you. I could not understand what the matter was and ambled towards the Woods. I was bit apprehensive.

As I ambled further, I saw dozens of lighted candles parked on both sides of the way and a table laid in middle. It was a sight to Watch. I became conscious of my dress because I had dropped in casuals thinking that it was a party with common friends and casuals are comfortable.

I turned back to return because my mood was dampened due to my dressing style. As I turned, a sweet voice froze my steps. I could not understand what was going on with me.

Invitation in woods, table laid but none of my friends were there as decided and now a voice stopping me.

An unknown fear gripped me. I mustered courage and turned back in the direction of the voice and found a girl standing dressed beautifully in a pink gown. My heart missed a beat. I could not believe my eyes.

My eyes settled on her and unconsciously, I started moving towards her. The apprehension that was hovering since I reached Nilgiri Hills vanished in the air.

When I reached close to her, I was astounded to find my college junior Tanvi standing near the table.

“Hello Karan.” Tanvi greeted with a big smile.

“Yes Tannvee” I stammered, I was more nervous because of my casual get up.

“Be seated Karan. Your friends will join soon. It is a bash organised by me to surprise you.” She said.

“Bash in woods with so many candles. Is there anything special today?” I asked. I was bit relaxed and took my seat.

Tanvi too took the seat and she was staring my face with a big grin spread on her glowing face.

A Waitress approached with a big tray and left the place keeping the tray on the table. There was a gift pack in the tray

Tanvi opened the gift pack and strapped the watch on my wrist.

I resisted and asked her to explain the reason. It was an expensive watch and without reason, I did not wish to accept the gift.

She kissed my hand making me uncomfortable and told me that it was a token to accept her proposal for a friendship from a special friend and if all goes well, they will settle as man and wife for life.

A loud clap broke the silence of the hour and this time, they were my silly friends and it was a combined planning to surprise me.

“Relax friend. Accept her proposal. We know you like her too. Give a kick to your heart.”

I felt someone kicking me. I opened my eyes to see who the person was. It was my younger brother kicking me to wake up, I was getting late for my job-training.

It was a beautiful dream and my heart longed for Tanvi. I fixed up in mind to call her and convey my feelings for her which was bottled inside me since long.

The writing prompt for this week is ‘Waitress, Wood And Watch’

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

© Ila Varma 10-04-2016

#H for Homemaker- #A to Z CHALLENGE

      “Homemaking is a passion you can pass on from generation to generation.― Elizabeth George

Day before yesterday, I had been to parlour for a routine haircut. I found the parlour lady annoyed today unlike other days when she passed a sweet smile. She told me that she was bluffed by some online home shopping portal and she was on verge of losing 1500 rupees. Out of my habit, I told her to interact with customer care and get it sorted out.
She busied herself to get the things straightened and her helper assisted my cut.

“You sort it out, I am fed up with your services.”

“I am not a homemaker and I don’t have free time to run after you” The lady was speaking to customer care over phone.

The second statement provoked hundreds queries in my mind.

How a woman can say so for a homemaker or a housewife? Many questions rattled inside me. How can one ridicule the job of a homemaker?

It is a full time job and it requires lot of patience and perseverance and this beauty parlour madam blew it out of proportion.

People belittle the job of a housewife and think that the homemakers are just a time pass.

If you introspect it closely, you will find that it is a job of 24*7 and it has to be carried patiently taking care of needs of all at home, home décor, attending to guests and much more?

If one is working, one walks out of home on time and many times, it happens that you leave the house job in mid and walk out to attend the office on time.

Many times, a working person home job is overlooked and people at home support her but the homemaker has to do all by herself as onlookers and family members think that she has no work because she is not working in office.

There are many instances when the better half comments his wife that she is good for nothing and what work she has at home that keeps her busy.

Normally people don’t understand the complexities of a homemaker, especially the one with young kids and parents.

Let’s see what Tarun says.

Tarun had picked up habit of ridiculing Radha and it was his common monologue, “What you are busy in, whole day?”

Radha got irritated but did not show any reaction to cover up the matter and maintain silence at home.

One day when Tarun entered the house, he found the whole house toppled down. Not a single thing was on place, utensils littered on dining table, paper lying in the living room floor, baby too was wearing a dirty uniform.

He called out Radha but there was no reply. When he went into the bedroom, he found Radha sleeping. After calling her name loud, she opened her eyes and was surprised to see Tarun standing.

“Radha, What have you done to the whole house?”

“Tarun, I did nothing today” Radha replied.

“Whaat” Tarun burst out loud.

“Yes, I did nothing.” She shouted on top of his voice.

Pin drop silence followed for ten minutes.

“Every day, when I attend all the household chores all by myself, you say that what work I have. Today, I left all except for feeding my baby and see what home has turned into” Radha told Tarun.

Tarun’s head hung in shame and he could only utter, “Sorry Darling. Now I realise. Sorry.”
This is not a single case of Tarun and Radha. There are many Tarun and Radha in our society.

Homemaker is a full time job and she looks for praises praised from heart. Don’t belittle her initiations rather applaud her. Help her and share her job, when you are at home. She will love your presence and her morale will be boosted.

Appreciate her initiative and feel her loved.

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Ila Varma
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Harmony With Nature


My nephew said, “Maasi, we are destroying so much of water and petrol and I am concerned about my child’s future, at this rate of consumption, much won’t be left for them and how will they survive.”

My reaction was worth a capture, though none captured. My mouth wide open and my eyes bulging out.

This statement was from my nephew who is only ten years old. I just could not believe that a lad of 10 can be so much concerned about his coming generation and we are not. I was awestruck by his statement but I did not open up with my reaction rather I passed a joke at his statement.

“Hey, hold on. Live your life, you are a kid now and you are thinking of your kid and future, it is a long way to go.” I brushed him.

I told my sister, “Your kids are truly amazing and are farsighted, we don’t think on this wavelength but they do.”

We both laughed at them but it wasn’t a joke. It is a well-read fact.

Our ancestors believed on it and they worked on it to save nature and that was the reason that they loved to stay in villages and had plantations in acres of land, ponds, goats, cows and buffaloes and fish rearing was done in the ponds and lakes. The basic reason of this arrangement was to balance eco-system and the whole system helped in conservation of nature and people of those times were physically healthy and mentally sound.

Gradually people moved to urban areas and wound up the agricultural land and the flora and fauna was destructed. People were more concentrated on jobs and studies and did not pay heed to nature and the whole balance of nature was disturbed.

Today, the scenario is very disturbing. The change in lifestyle, deforestation, reduction in wildlife, flora and fauna mismanaged the eco-balance of nature and the impact can be well seen. There is tremendous change in temperature, the heat spell is on rise, the sheets of snow precipitating, greenery has shrunk, hence monsoon season is at worst, so altogether heat is on rise and the scientists working on it are disturbed at the nature rage.

Who is responsible for the rage in nature?

Very well, we human beings who toppled the whole system in ambition to become mechanical and now if we really wish to Save Nature, we need to work on it and the best way is to make our children aware and their change in lifestyle and ways will add in to conserve nature and they will have better mental and physical health than us and a better environment to live in.

  • Make them aware of the natural things of nature. Start planting seeds in pots and teach them to water them on time, weeding out the soil.
  • Put off lights in day time and engage them in physical activities weaning them away from mobiles, laptops, and television. Ask them to make a group of friends in neighbourhood and play outdoor games. This way energy will be conserved and emittance of poisonous gases will be slowed down.
  • Refrain from using air-conditioners 24*7. I have AC at home but we use it for two hours a day. Teach kids to avoid sitting in AC for long. It’s better to tell them the negative effects of it on nature and health and I am sure, they will understand. The habits can’t be changed in a day but initiation will gradually work on them. The kids of today are amazing, they need proper guidance.
  • Refrain from using plastics and encourage use of bio-degradable articles which will perish with time.
  • Make group of kids in communities and teach them to clean the open spaces around and water plants around. This way, they will learn the work and the place around would be clean and free from insects and mosquitoes.
  • Ask them to feed street dogs, cows and cats with the leftovers of kitchen or their tiffin, this way the grains won’t clog the drains and a life will have its share of food and a waste will be avoided.
  • Teach them the value of water and energy. Ask them to close the taps properly and use water without wasting. Teach them to put off lights, fans and other gadgets when not in use.
  • Teach them to play with nature, jumping on grasses, climbing trees, watering plants, weeding weeds out of soil and arrange contests so that they participate heartily, this way, they will develop competition to do better and enjoy the games with nature and slowly will fall in love with nature. My school mate has started initiation in this regard and her project Eco-kids is doing wonders in this arena. 

These things cannot be done in a day, even Rome wasn’t built in a day. The regular grooming will bring in change and the wonders can be seen in due time. It will take time and effort but regular persistence will bring in dominant change.

To bring in a change, we need to change ourselves first and initiate the job. Children learn by imitation so our initiative will bring in changes. The bookish knowledge won’t help.

I am adamant to bring in the changes and I have started the practice in this direction of conservation and am sure my kids will do in a much better way.

If all join hands together, the whole scenario of nature will change. We will have layers of mist laden grass carpets to tread each morning, beautiful flowers will bloom in our balcony and garden, sparrows will chirp on the window sill and we will have our share of winters, snow, rain and thunders and summers in its due time. Our eyes will have treat of snow-capped mountains, juicy fruits, waters in rivers and lakes and a beautiful morning and evening to stroll and play.

My nephew will be happy that his kids are going to have natural resources in abundance.
It is the right time to press Ctrl S and save nature from depleting.

“I’m blogging about how I’ll remind kids to press Ctrl+S for nature for the Shortcut Safaari weekend activity at BlogAdda.”


Global Warming- - #A to Z Challenge 2016




Oh Man,

Stop razing me

I am storming in fire

Losing my radiance each day

My cries hear none

My womb is on fire

I fear

I might lose my promising children.


Water, water water


Not a drop to drink

Waters might engulf me

In their tentacles

Drowning me deep forever.


I pray and plead

Have mercy on me

Trust nature

Save Green

Give me time

To regain my sheen.

I feel proud

When my children

Play on my breasts

Adore the voices

Of playing life.


Endorse a campaign to save me green

The heat spell is shooting me down

Tears roll

Watching the glaciers melt

Trees mowing down

Life going extinct.

I wish to live long


To enjoy

The mystic beauties of nature.

© Ila Varma 09-04-2016

Here,  I is The Earth, who cries out to save her from the calamities of nature. The global warming impact is quite dangerous for the life to survive, hence, it needs to be checked out by changing the habits of the inhabitants residing on it, who has taken nature in his own hands.

Global warming impact can be felt, the changing seasons, winters and snow disappearing and the heat spell is increasing day by day posing threat to life.


This post is for A to Z Challenge 2016 and my details are as under.

Ila Varma

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#G for Genital Mutilation of Females - #A to Z CHALLENGE

The term Genital Mutilation of Females was unknown to me till I read a recent article on it and it raised my hairs and I shivered with fear. How can people be so inhuman to girls and women and compel her for genital mutilation to put a capping on her sexual urges for no medical reasons.

Imagining the plight of females undergoing this painful procedure is dreadful, then just think what trauma the girls would be facing.

Who are we to suppress the natural urges? The person who undergoes this surgical intervention mostly lose their mental balance and suffer from depression and other psychological disorders.

Once I thought our country India was conservative and narrow minded and responsible for females plight but when I read that this practice is going in UK, Africa, Sudan, Indonesia and many more, I thought our country was better and not involved in this process.

It is a traditional process and generally the procedure is carried out by quakes and it is a surgical cumbersome procedure and the reason behind it is gender inequality and to suppress the sexual urge of a woman, demeaning to be an object of enjoyment for men and to give birth to children. In many cases, the aperture is left for urination and periods and later on by surgical intervention, mouth of vulva is opened for consummation and childbirth.

We should hang ourselves in shame. A man is an enemy of man then only they can bear to make the women suffer.

FGM is often considered a necessary part of bringing up a young girl properly and a way of preparing her for marriage. It is thought to reduce a young woman’s libido, thereby ensuring pre-marital virginity and marital fidelity.

In many communities the long-standing prevalence of the procedure leads to pressures to conform to tradition, making it difficult to end the abuse.

My hands tremble and shake to write about genital mutilation.

Please do follow the links to get aware of the atrocities done to women and how they are oppressed.

Stringent laws should be enforced to stop this barbaric act.

It is a way to abuse a girl.

We should unite to put an end to FGM.

This post is for A to Z Challenge 2016 and my details are as under.
Ila Varma
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Friday, April 8, 2016

Fantasy- #A to Z Challenge 2016


Is it ethical to fantasize or not? You can’t put an end to fantasy, people are free to drive their imaginations and enjoy the ride without following the traffic rules and till your fantasy does not disturbs anyone, it’s the best way to quench your thirst of imagination and urge.


As I extinguish the lamps

Of my room


Sprawl on my bed

I feel

The caress of your warm hands

Crawling on my skin


Wooing me

Flattering me

Buzzes around me.

The touches

The Smooches

Tantalizes me

I am drenched

In your kisses

Bare bodies entwined

Clasping each other hard


Drive me mad…  :P

Alarm buzzes


I sit on the bed


I may be entrapped


I am alone

No trace of you

The streaks of early morning rays

Spreads on my bare body.

I spank on my head hard

So foolish

I am.

It was a fantasy

A sweet dream



My urges


I am feeling fresh

Lively & High Spirits

Hug me hard.

I will wait for you

To fantasize


Dissolve my urges.

Illusion is better than real

I’m free to elucidate pleasures

In my own way


Someone to stop me. :P

© Ila Varma 07-04-2016

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Ila Varma

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#F for Filthy F**K - #A to Z CHALLENGE

Filthy words are in common usage now and none raises eyebrows, be it people, books, films or the rowdy crowd, all freely use and no one complains.

I feel quite absurd and I recall the days of my childhood, when the usage of such words were not allowed in strict terms and we could not ever imagine to babble out. It was said that the bad, filthy words are for bad mouthed people or for rustics and the educated people don’t dare to use and we grew up in such environment.

Nowadays, where u move, you will umpteen times the words, “Fuck” associated with mother’s – sisters in normal language and no one scorns at it, they digest it equally. Moreover, not only males, even females are using….Oh My God…where have we drifted…what are we showing…modernity with nuisances.

Three four years before, I found a group of school boys conversing and shouting loud and using “motherf***ker” for his friends freely. I could not stop myself and out of my habit of giving free advice's, advised them not to use such filthy language, it is not proper and it don’t show that you belong to a respectable family.

He laughed out loud and asked me on which planet, I was thriving. It is normal to use and if I don’t want to overhear, it’s my choice, not his. He asked me to plug in cotton to block the contents but he won’t stop using.

In novels and films, filthy words are freely used and I find that people don’t react to it.
Is this the impact of our model of education, society or globalization?

We are so advanced that we don’t care about the etiquette and manners that our forefathers adopted and have become used to the usage of filthy words.

I do remember the times of my childhood, nearly four decades back, if anyone used any cheap terms for mother or sister then he was punished severely and people did not mingle considering him to be rustic and unsocial element.

Now the scene is just reverse, none cares and takes it easy.

Still, it is difficult for me to digest these syllables. I strictly don’t use these filthy terms and neither appreciate the users.

The crowd of today is moving with the time and follow what crowd follows without judging good or bad, right or wrong.

The words “F**k” were wrapped in covers and but now, no one feels ashamed using it and it is in free circulation and even a father uses for his son and vice versa…Height of Stupidity.

Please pay heed and try to dissuade the users from using filthy language…if all works in the same direction, then I am sure, the weed F**k will be eradicated.

Start from today, an initiation of all will bring in a revolution.

 This post is for A to Z Challenge 2016 and my details are as under.

Ila Varma

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

#E for Education in Government Schools - #A to Z CHALLENGE

There was a time when teachers were the respectable gems of society and were considered next to god but in terms of economy, they got very little remuneration for the respectable job of teaching the future of nation and moulding their insight and future.

With time, the chase began to run after money and people started opting for those jobs which had attractive salary and nobody inspired to become a teacher, rather people went to teaching profession when they could not get any offer or there was no way out.
In mid-80’s, few ministers tried to peep into the pathetic condition of school teachers and professors and revised and enhanced their pitiable salary and attractive perks were added along and it improved the status and lifestyle of teachers.

The condition of teachers improved but there was a remarkable downfall in number of students in government schools. Private schools mushroomed into the towns and cities and people flocked to private schools for their kids. Even low income groups people too started sending their kids to private schools and more and more people avoided government schools.

The height of disappointment is that the even the kids of government school teachers are studying in private schools and they shell out good sum for them.

The question hovers in my mind every now and then, why the teachers are not admitting their kids in their school?

They don’t have faith on government schools.

Why the government is spending lot and lot on schools, teachers, mid-day meals and other govt. aids when there are few students and the teachers too are drawing fat salary for time pass and the appointed teachers are not efficient enough in terms of education and knowledge.

I feel that the government should introspect the whole system of government schools and rectify the shortcomings and improve the whole system of education.

Government is spending huge sum in the field of education but are the fruits been reaped of the seeds sown…No..A big No.

Private schools are multiplying in number and the kids are been admitted to the private institution. Nobody wish to send their wards in government schools, even the labour class workers are sending their kids to private institution and are spending beyond reach.

The views are solely mine and the Takes are my introspection and observations.

 This post is for A to Z Challenge 2016 and my details are as under.

Ila Varma

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Wednesday's One Liner



Loyalty is in abundance in four-legged friends, two- legged friends have almost lost it. :P


© Ila Varma 06-04-2016




One Liner Wednesday



Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Embrace- #A to Z Challenge 2016



She entwined in an embrace


The demon of the past

Devouring her mind.

He drew her close in tight embrace


Her past and present


To handle her tomorrow.

Locked her lips in his

Affirming her acceptance

In his life from today.

© Ila Varma 06-04-2016

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Ila Varma

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Limerick Challenge - Mysterious


Smiles languishing on her lips

She is swaying her hips

Her eyes mysterious and protruding

Beamed she was computing

She winked, pouted and strips.

© Ila Varma 05-04-2016

Limerick Challenge Week 14


Disaster-#A to Z Challenge 2016


Houses, buildings

Shook & tumbled down

like playing cards


to the ground

Many lives stopped

to live, thereafter.

A threat,

A disaster

When Mother Earth

shook her belly,

it was her gesture

to show her mood swings.

Prayers held for the souls departed.

The massive earthquake with its epicenter at Pokhra, Nepal, damaged lives and instilled fear in people with recurring quakes and aftershocks which continued for months. It was a disaster for Nepal and its neighbouring countries. People believe that it was the wrath by Mother earth, a way of showing her reluctance to human, who acts against the wishes of nature.


This post is for A to Z Challenge 2016 and my details are as under.

Ila Varma

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

#D for DRINKING - #A to Z Challenge

There is a good news for the fair sex of Bihar as government has banned the sale of country liquor and spirit and the stringent laws have been framed to execute for those who won't abide by the rule...I hate people who drink and the step taken by the government is really praiseworthy and I am quite happy.

The ban has created chaos in the life of thousands and thousands people who thrived by drinking local liquor and they are addicted to it and the after effects of not consuming liquor is manifold on the drunkards and especially the men folk of economically backward class is depressed.

There are people who mouth washed the first gargle with you can well imagine...the addiction is so widespread and it will take time to eradicate from society.


The ban imposed has affected the people of the state; outlets of liquor shops have been reduced to less than half, so the earnings of many families are disrupted who sustained their life from the income from liquor.

The labour and worker class is disturbed due to imposed ban though in the long run, it will help in improving the productivity of working class…but in present scenario…their condition is pathetic but their dependents and other members of the family are happy with it.

The government has come up with De-addiction centers to treat the liquor addicted patients, so finally the leaders have realized that the liquor is posing problem and issues in society and have taken bold accept to put a stop to it.

Many families have been disturbed and many people lost their lives just because of this drinking habit. Crimes are on rise and the domestic violence too is the result of over drinking habits. Nuisance on roads and colonies also take place by the drunkards.

I have come to know from reliable sources that the govt. has planned several guidelines and support to curb the consumption of liquor and the local made is completely banned.
Fines have been imposed for the people who will consume, sell or propagate drinking habits.

Since the day, ban is implemented, my support staff is very happy and is planning to visit temple to thank god for banning country liquor because she too was the victim of domestic violence which she had to confront in the hands of her drunkard husband.
Resort to drink juices and health drinks instead of consuming liquor and bring in the difference in society…families will live happily and prosper.

I am happy with this step of Bihar govt, it’s a commendable step to raise the prosperity of the state and bring happiness in lives of all. The family members are celebrating the ban, looking forward for a better life. May God Bless All.

The news says that the ban has proved beneficial for the labour class, where there were too much of violence and nuisance because of consumption of alcohol and the women and the children are happy and supporting ban.

I thank CM, Nitish Kumar to impose ban and I am sure it will prove beneficial and help in the upliftment of unprivileged class.

I hate Boozers and Boozing and I am very happy and believe that the ban continues and the foreign liquor too should come under this purview.

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Ila Varma

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