Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy Chitragupta Puja!

According to Hindu beliefs, Brahma is the creator of this Universe. It is believed that the humans evolved from the different parts of Brahma, from the 'mouth' portion of Brahma were Brahmins, those from arms were 'Kshatriyas', those from the thighs were 'Vaishyas' and those from the feet were 'Shudras'.  Lord Brahma gave the task of keeping the records of people born and dead to the god Yama, also known as Dharamraj or Yamraj. Yama declared that he could not reasonably be expected to keep track of the many people born of the eighty-four different life forms in the three worlds.

After thousand years of penance, when Brahma opened his eyes, he saw a man sitting with pen and paper. The divine man asked Brahmaji – Oh Lord who am I? – What is the purpose of my creation? – give me orders. Brahmaji said – child, I got you after a great mortification. You were inside me, inside my body, inside my mind in the form of godly element. Your name will be Chitragupta and you will be called "Kayastha." You are my "Manasputra", the son according to the Puranas, by wish and not by condition – you will perform the religious rites by "Devyadnya" (a fire sacrifice), "rishiyadnya" (in respect of Rishis), "rutiuyodnay (reception and acceptance of all seasons) and "atithiyadnya" (reception of the guests) and show the humans the obedience of the religion. You will be established in the form thirteenth Yama (penance) and you will stay in human minds in the form of soul. You will keep a register of their good and bad deeds, keeping in mind and paying attention to their thoughts on death and their good and bad works. It will be your decisionto give them heavenly peace and happiness or grief and sorrow in hell depending upon their deeds. You will be known as "Yamrajay Dharmarajay" and you will be worshipped by gods, demons, demi-gods, etc., with gratification by the creatures on the earth. Chitragupta is the first one in universe to use letters, as explained in Garuda Purana and this class was intellectual and educated class and it maintained records of accounts in life and after life.
Chitragupta assumed charge of Yamapuri. Chitragupta had eight sons from his wife, Irawati, daughter of Dharma Shrama Brahmashri & four sons from his second wife Nandini, daughter of Shraddhadev Manu & became the progenitors of the twelve subdivisions of the Chitraguptavansi Kayasthas, namely Saxena, Mathur, Gaur, Nigam, Ashthana, Kulshrestha, Suryadwaja, Bhatnagar, Ambastha, Shrivastava, Karana and Vaalmik.

Beginning of the Vedic Script:
Brahmi script was created by Brahma. The authority measure for this was Chitragupta. The script to the writing system was given by Chitragupta. Chitragupta was the creator to bring the language of Gods, "Sanskrit" to script and to make it easy for all creatures. In the beginning, people used to follow "Shruti-smriti" in which the people used to convey knowledge in the form of stories and these stories used to be memorized and remembered. Making the script for Sanskrit, Chitragupta brought it to the visionary medium.
It is said that he used a pen to bring administration and discipline and a minimum of a sword of exhibit power.

Chitragupta Puja is observed on the fifth day of Diwali and on this day, pen, stationary items and paper are worshipped and the observers submit their incomes and expenses on paper and offer to the Lord Chitragupta. On this day, the Kayastha Samaaj put their pen to rest on this day.

Chitragupta Puja is performed by Kayastha Parivar that believes in world peace, justice, knowledge and literacy, the four primary virtues depicted by the form of Shree Chitraguptajee. The puja is also known as Dawat (Inkpot) Puja, in which the books and pen are worshipped, symbolizing the importance of study in the life of a Kayastha. During the Chitragupta Puja, earning members of the also give account of their earning, writing to Chitragupta Maharaj the additional amount of money that is required to run the household, next year.

Happy Chitragupta Puja!!

Pen Is Mightier Than Sword!!!

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